Montreal May 2007 Thread aka: Do the 2000+ machines work yet?

For lack of a better title.

And the madness continues.

Edit: Wow I’m a fucking moron and wrote April again. Can a Mod change it to May?

Edit2: Thanks for changing the title

So whos gonna go watch Spiderman 3 friday, it looks better then 1 and 2

Yea lets go and do that who s in?

J’y vais LIVE si tu me paye lawl

Out of sheer curiosity, is marvel still 3 tokens at 2000?
How some people are willing that pay that much just to play the comp (the marvel cabinet is always vacant) is beyond me. :looney:
I wouldn’t set foot in that arcade even if they had free play all year round.

Sam: pognes toi une job!!

not only is it 3 tokens but its also broken

Transformers 07.04.07! Gotta see

holy fuck at gas price being 1.18$ =.=

GGPO Clock :looney:

I can’t believe people are still talking about 2000+ :confused:

i cant believe people are still talking about game LOL

whatever mao, as a “retired” player, u shouldnt even be posting here anyways, so talk pas shit

Maybe it’s because this is a…video game forum? :confused:

Den quand est-ce que t’organise la tourney de killer instinct srieusement a serait cool, est-ce possible avant ton dmnagement ou aprs ?

for the mvc2 heads

talk pas shit …

Smokey, tu finis ecole demain a qu’elle heure, I MAY have time to actually bring back ur tv since i’m in a good mood (found a job :o ), don’t bother posting back on srk, i won’t be able to check it until like monday or sunday so appelle moi ce soir genre a 5;30-6:00 si tu veux ton tv otherwise, until next time.

Haha so true

So whats going on this week anybody playing some games?

flowcus: Yeah for sure Transformers looks awesome

clock jr: In case you see this tomorrow I wont be home all day final exam+ spiderman 3 lol if you can today it would be nice anywys Ill call you later BTW Hiren bought a stick so were playing all the time now lol

Brian i’ll be at Paramount for spider-man 3 for the one at 9:30 do u wanna meet

i’ll be with my girl or r u attending the midnight opening like u did for Star wars !!

lol:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Answer me quickly !

apres le demenagement (debut-mi juin) pcq la nouvelle residence sera boucoup plus spacieuse
jpourrais aussi faire un bbq si le monde est pret a contribuer 5-10$ par personne (i know i know but i’m flat broke)
c’est juste une idee puisque jvais habituer devant un centre d’achat ou ya un IGA et un provigo

les gatherings vont etre pour tout les jeu pas juste KI

MB re-act tmr at g-zone! no ac cuz we don’t know where to get it for pc. Ima try to ask kay to get a tv or some thing and then we xcopy that shit from bnet24.


Je peux dj sentir l’odeur du bon poulet sur une belle journe d’t avec les

oiseaux qui gazouillent !!!:tup:

I wouldve if I didnt have an exam today! =P

I dont know at what time Im going though maybe like around 5-6 I m not sure I have to call some friends. I really dont think Ill be there at 9h30 though