Montreal May Thread

T6 is coming.

Rene, no bi-weeklies at 2000+?

Who exactly is planning to attend ECCX?

I said no…Noone was gonna attend it it yesterday anyway…So whenever you guys want one just say a date and we’re there I guess.

Fred call me and no i wont post my phone like you since u already have it.Did you get prank?lol

You guyz should check out the T6 thread they wanna make a MTL vs TO in cvs2 in other words they wanna get owned :stuck_out_tongue:

haha will, thing is, ure phone number didn’t get saved on mine, but anyways this is all rather pointless seing that u gave me the Melissa information.

Phoun, u would have hated Hitchhiker anyways…although i found the movie good.

quote of the day :

from none other than ptsone :  K-groove should burn in hell along with cvs2 and its retarded features.  third strike rules all!!! 

anybody care to comment?

I’d be interested in playing in a 5-on-5 against Toronto. Who would be on the team though? That is the million dollar question.

Although I agree with Phoun’s thoughts on the wonders of K-groove, I have to say that overall CvS2 is a game based mostly on randomness and being cheap. Third Strike on the other hand is more reaction, execution and mind games.

Are you going to be driving or are you going with some other people? I don’t know if Seb is planning to drive to T6 this year, but if he’s not I’m sure we’d both go with you.

Fred est tu encore a mtl?

sinon on peut faire une couple de game a 3S

man this is so weird…seriously…???
can someone be sure at 100% and say YES i AM gOING!
if so…who are in so far…???
Willy…and…??? coz ive been reading the thread for a while and no one is really sure of going…and people that are going dont event post n say yes am going…its all about maybe…i dunno…blabla …come on guys!!! if u really want a go to t.o make your way for real!!! go or stay is simple!!

jd u going?
fred u going??
vess u going??
tony u going??
alex u going???
willy u going??
rene u going??
phoun u going??
MAo u going??

who else is going???
YES OR NO! :confused:

euuh whatever, the tournament is in like 2 months, so I don’t see how its a problem if people are still responding with “whatever”, “maybe” or “i dunno”.

as for me, although one of my buds bday is during that weekedn, i shall still try my best to attend this event.

and Veas, yes im still in mtl; like I said before, im here for almost the whole summer, so call me up whenever.

don’t panic!!

hahaha why dont u call him up?? lolz

today was beast on Fred day.

damn Ken,Alex and Veasna.

ANybody in MTL has a good Yun? I need some tips on his general strat not his Genei Jin juggles I know them, Setups I can learn then anytime just gotta get of my lazy butt but general pokin or rushin I have no idea how to play with Yun o_o

Play againts me and you’ll some good stuff

Oh yeah I remember seeing u play with Yun u were pretty crazy X_X Alright tell me when u go I fucking suck in 3S though I just wanna learn the basics with Yun to start playing against average players. Only char I know how to play with is CHun <_< and she’s boring as hell to play with

Mao dared to challenge me to a set in alpha 3.

My A-Honda vs. his A-Ryu 4/7

Cambodian ass kickin’ ain’t fair but someone’s gotta do it…

Can anyone give me a ride for T6 ? :wink:

have u ever seeng a greek losing money n cry??? lolz just come and watch it…how ryu shoryuken he,s honda for free hahaha! how dare you challenge the lord of the stf??? :confused:

JUUUUUULIAAAAAAN! Someone make sure to drive this man to T6 so I can play him again. :tup:

Ill be at 2000+ tonight with some peeps

Im going to every tournament as usual

Raise, AJ suited , thinks , fold