Montreal October Thread 2005

Anyone see Into The Blue yet?

Let me rephrase… Anyone seen Jessica Alba in Into The Blue yet?


yeah… she’s not the hottest girl in a bikini, it’s not really her thing. And the other girl is nothing special either.

It’s a movie that would be considered good in the 80’s… watch it if you have nothing else to watch.

This is her auditionning for her role in the movie
No wonder she got the part :wow:

ps: don’t watch this Mao

gg!! Smokey and his brother are takin over the mvc2 scene, I guess their secret training is finally paying off.

Not the hottest girl in a bikini? I don’t know about that man.

A fair percentage of the movie was her ass on the screen, and it was great. It doesn’t matter if the plot was boring atleast I got to see some top tier Alba hotness.


i havent seen it but amen to that

I just think her main attraction is her face, but to each his own…

Well, you did say “she’s not the hottest girl in a bikini” so I automatically assumed we were talking about her body and not her face.

Ugly face + fine body = lose.

Beautiful face + fine body = win.

I’ll let you guess which formula Jessica Alba is directly related to.

although i find her hot, body and face wise, tony prob considers her as beautiful face + odd body = depends

not the hottest girl in bikini??!!! kes kispasse avec toi t gay ou koi. Deja toute habille elle own.

Alba owwns all ur sisters:clap:

alba owns ure mom, but at least the later is accesible.

most pornstars are hotter than Jessica Alba

that kinda da true pornstars are fucking hot! jessica alba has a beautifull sexy face but her body is just a normal body like normal girls…nothing extraordinary! its the face that make u think she has a hot body…overall she is 8 on 10 for me! of course if u dont love that girl no doubt your gay!

no doubt!!!

Son frere est serious … ly cheap >_>, a blocking b!tch

Anyways brian, c’est ou la place ou il y avait le general tao and fried rice and that combo thing near subway downtown ? j’veux passer manger la mardi next week (viens si tu veux) with friends after school ,after shopping … precise directions please since u know i suck with directions >.>

to anyone who drives a car, respect to you, its hard having to check ur rear view mirror ans side view all the time while having to scan ahead … yes i’m a car scrub in training >.>, no deaths, yet … can’t say anything about casualties :rolleyes: parrallel parking ownz me like any top mtl player in mvc2 (all 10 of you) :clap:

Jessica Alba beautiful face no doubt and all that really matters is beautiful face since u can easily lose / gain / tone weight on the body but the face pretty much stays the same unless we do some sort of operation which to me turns a girl artificial and unlikeable, and the movie was aight, also saw serenity last saturday, good movie and i never watched the show on which it is supposebly based on … i’m sick and tired and classes cancelled because of jewish holiday and the weather is going up and down like . . . . . .


I got 2 accidents in my 6 years of driving and they were both because I made sudden turns/lane changes without checking my blind spots. And both of them were the same situation : I was looking for a street I had to turn at, suddenly I see the street and I don’t want to have to make a detour so I quickly check my side mirror and I see that the car on the next lane is far away so I make the quick turn… but the whole time there was another car right beside me just a half vehicle length behind… so bang I crashed.
So always check your blind spots it’s more important than your mirrors…

Just like heaven is a very good movie, I know all you guys wouldn’t touch romantic comedies but you should try to sensitize yourselves a little bit, it’s good for you. For god sakes I had to get a freakin’ date just to see the movie…

Veasna liked my little article on fred (aka my fred nut-hugging) and asked me… no, begged me to write more about my theories. I just want to know if people are interested otherwise I won’t bother…


im interested in hearing more theories

That’s just because you suck man.

They are not taking over the mvc2 scene at Mira, that’s for sure.

So when is Samsho Tenka and Neo Geo Battle Collisium coming out.

Jessica Alba FTW ( her acting is crappy though )