Montreal Spetember thread: the beginning of a new chapter for FreddyL0c0

Yeah so I’m leaving on sunday,

school starts on the 9th of september, dunno maybe we can organize something for tomorow cause the rest of the days, im booked(Friday going to a big party and my dad is coming on sat so might have to stay with the family).

Anywho,I think im gonna start reading the Da Vinci code in my sparetime over there( if im not partying or something, as in taking a shit most prob), heard its a pretty fucked book.

Euh yeah, so post away people.

You read that too?

Je retourne a Montreal ce weekend, je suis suppose d’amener Roger, mais ca se peut qu’il peut pas venir. on verra.

ok il peut pas venir.

Tristesse est presente a ce que je vois!!Mais ne t’inquiete pas Fred, c’est une nouvelle page pour toi et tu vas te faire des nouveau amis genre (ottawa peeps) pis en plus tu vas fuck des milliard de chicks la bas so sois pas trop triste et puis de toute facon c’est pas comme si tu partait pour toujours.Et en plus tu vas etre le god de cvs la bas,vu qu’il n’y a pas trop de competition.En plus t pas tout seule parce que je vasi faire mes etude a T.O so on est tout les deux dans le meme bateau… Peace out Homeboy

To reply for the other thread flowcus it was sarcasm :razz:

J’ai plus internet faq je suis un peu perdu… EVO2k4 est terminer, right??? si oui quelqu’un peu me donner le link du bracket de cvs2. merci guys. :tup:

Guess what I found while cleaning up my room ?? … brackets from a tournament we held 2 years ago :wow: I think it was JS master’s first visit to montreal.
since Veas likes to mention past moments when he beasted on us … this is the tournament where he got raped by Sotha’s RCs for freeeee :rofl: that was so funny, I still remember all the talk shit that was going on between these two guys and especially XXL :rofl:
results in cvs2 were :
1 - prez :tdown:
2 - sotha
3 - veas
4 - jfl
5 - Jason/Fred
7 - Rene / JS master :wow:

Fred/Will :
good luck in Ottawa, it’s maybe the best decision for u guys to leave MTL … well just think about the amount of time u guys wasted in here (don’t take it as an insult :stuck_out_tongue: ), it’s time for u to step out of the “thug”/“bum” life and take care of ur future/careers (again, no offence, just giving u advice).

Karamba : CLICK !! however, full results are still unavailable.

It baffles me to no end as to why you people have to go to the trouble of going to cities like Toronto or Ottawa just to study when the most reknown University in Canada is right here in montreal and i’m talking about Mcgill of course a school which i now have the much hankered after privilege of attending :tup:
Unless your program of study is not offered here I realy can’t find any reason for leaving Montreal

Yo freddy, what time on sunday? because there was talk of going to mtl this sunday

edit: going out of town for university is a great thing to do.

University… I don’t remember much of it cause I spent most of my time at Daniels… "Where everybody knows your naaaaammee, dadadada "

Fred/Will :
good luck in Ottawa, it’s maybe the best decision for u guys to leave MTL … well just think about the amount of time u guys wasted in here (don’t take it as an insult :stuck_out_tongue: ), it’s time for u to step out of the “thug”/“bum” life and take care of ur future/careers (again, no offence, just giving u advice).

Euhhhhhhh so I was living as either a thug or a bum? I don’t see how that wouldn’t be offensive to me, Nadir. i got nothing against, but just think twice when u write something about someone.

Oh and Den, Mcgill doesn’t ofer the program I want ( journalism) and Concordia refused for unknown but most probably baffling reasons ( my firend has a 64% average, I have a 78%, he got in, I didn’t…maybe its cause im arabic and he’s jewish??? anyways…)

If I had the choice between Carleton and Concordia, i wouldn’t be typing this right now, and I’d continue living as a “bum” or a “thug” as nad eloquently said.

Ninja Sentinal: I now have the record for the fastest MVC2 win - 14 seconds :grin:

lol i remember dat tournament…

dat’s the tournament i beat temujin in cvs2! :wow:

Concordia only wants you to apply as many times as possible so that the can collect more application money
They also screwed me over ROYALY
I had consulted their advisor just before applying and she clearly and explicitly informed me that my chances of getting in were more than great…but as you can probably tell i never got in

Fred: What you could have done was to apply for a Cirtificate (night time courses) and then apply for a Bachelor which would have ensured your acceptance…it’s somawhat the long way but you’re sure to get in


sorry, I didn’t find the right words to say it at that time, but all I wanted to say is that u guys have to be more seriouse about ur future/career :sweat: :bgrin:

Sweet Cheeba :
:confused: :xeye: :wow: how did u do it ?

There is a difference between being lazy and being a thug or a bum. Also, there are too many distractions here in Montreal so that’s why studying somewhere else is probably a better idea.

Come on !!! if someone really want to study hard …do u really think anything else could distract them?? only if they study just to say they go to school…coz people who really want a be serious wouldnt care about games n others stuff…and focus in books n work at school!!

actually people who really take school serious would be like this :

1- between 17-18 should finish secondary 5
2- 19-22 fini cecep
3- 23 -25 be in university actually…that how it supose to be!!

not going bck to school or whatever take adult school in shit…just to waiste money…time…and telling people yes i go to school !! tALK shIT!!! and end UP! working 7$45 /hrs in some depanneur!

and what i say is TRUE! dont make me WRONG! :wow: :clap:

Fred, a quelle heure tu t’en vas dimanche?

Si t’as le temps d’etre a mira, dit le moi.

abused the shit out of Tron assist =D

Better watch what you say next time cuz u aint better then anyone here!!! Just because you’re always seeing us at the arcade means we’re either a’‘thug’’ or a ‘‘bum’’.Come on man!!!you only come once in 3 month and you said it yourself!!Dont judge people at first sigh :dp: :hp: