Montreal thread 2014


Now i know we arent active on this forum anymore, as we communicate through the mtlsf facebook group now. Do join the group for info on events/tournies and interesting discussions

be sure to head to Foonzo if you want your offline gaming fix as well, our top players go there, especially on Fridays.

I don’t need to hope for anything out of our community, we are strong and will turn heads in the FGC again, as we have always done for the past 20 years.
let go get them!


What if i i don’t have Facebook(and have absolutely no interest in making an account there) and i’m a year too young to go to Foonzo?
Anywhere else i can get info on stuff and meetup with people with or am i doomed to netplay until i hit 18?


I’d still recommend you create a FB account and join the MTLSF group to keep up with the scene. Hopefully when USF4 comes out it will revive and bring more players to the community.