Montreal Winter Thread

It’s cold but alot of cool things happening in december. K-1 finals, M.A.T. hype, Lord of the Rings and oh yeah christmas.

Dec 23rd will be the 3 year anniversary of Montreal’s first official A3 tournament. Dave Spence came from philly to own us with his A-Dhalsim and the rest is history. In 2001 we improved drastically… doing well in many tournaments throughout canada and the US. 2002 was our first major tourney win at ECC7. 2003 showed that ontario has caught up with us in CVS2 while we kept strong in 3S and A3.

2004 will start off with M.A.T. and hopefully we’ll stay in practice for some potentials wins in ECC9. If anyone is interested in going to any other tourneys outside of montreal (I don’t check the tournaments & events that often) let me know and maybe we can arrange a trip. We use to travel alot and I miss those good times.

Now that Daniels & JM closed down I get the feeling that MTLSF will die, I hope that’s not the case!

I want to go to ECC this year, after going to T4 and experiencing that I’ll definitely make it to ECC :cool:

Its not winter!! I refuse to believe winter is here :bluu: :frowning:

EDIT: I hate canada… and work… why cant I be posting from a beach in australia…

MTLSF will not die at all, it will be simply focused more on the mira players.

I’m noticing though that the 3S machine isn’t played as much as before at mira. A3 is getting more play than 3S right now. Maybe that will change now that pino is closed.

All the Pino players went to 2000+, so that arcade is going to always have people. Just today I went at around 1PM and there were people on CvS2/3S…

mtlsf will never …never DIE! coz i made this Happend…
I remember when i first organized Alpha3 tournament …it was 10$ entryy fees and we have like 20 peoples…that day start Montreal history… that time they was Savann tony Prez MAo and vesna …who was the top alpha3 player…

event thought i don’t play games alot or take it seriously as before…BUT WHo dunno MAo…??? how many player was my student before becoming good player themself??

At TIme when i WAS One of the best AT DAniel:

all the mira knows Who won the first cvs1 champion at mira…???
Sotha was my cvs2 student…
alpha3 i was the champion at mira too …before Prez came out and becoming my Rivals in cvs2 and alpha3 …

i remember cvs1 Prez and me …Prez was looking fo him to challenge him …BHWHAHAHAHAh! coz i was the only best player for him KEn ,guile that shit VS ryu ken (prez)…
BWHAHAHAHAHH! that how i met that turtle guy bwhahahah!

TOny remember…??? Prez go ask you to PLAy me at daniel …ALPHA3 u took rose and sakura lolz… i kill u and i kill prez lolz bwhahahahah! Vega that shit!

old time old legend…MAo is one of them :):cool:

Is there anyone of any importance in The Grand Prix this year? The last K-1 show was pretty terrible and now that Cro Cop has finally had his mystique broken and Sapp is wearing thin, I worry about that company drawing well. If this thing with Mike Tyson doesn’t pan out they’re in trouble.


I agree pryde is doing much better than k-1 right now… but the k-1 finals should be good to watch anyway. I think its like 20$ and I’ll probably watch it for free so we’ll see…

I own Rene in Bejeweled.

me 33k points
him 5k points

bUk!! BUk! NigGa BuK !bUK!!

huh hooooooooooooooo! Tony is there hahahaahah!
Tony what your new char in alpha3 man ??
hehehheh i have something really really baddddd for you next time we met :slight_smile:

Hey try to beat 148k

is that even possible? @___@

respect to you if ya got that much holy!!

after liek 6k timer is too fast for me to do the combos =[

yeah it is possible, but very stressful

Does anyone have some information on the cheap motel close to Mira? The one Ottawa was supposed to stay at that one time… Prices? Rates? Any info?

Please let me know!

shut up

Roger that !!


Its official:

im the only guy who rushes down in cvs2 in mtl, how sad.

I mean damn, alex was turtling against me, ALEX, hahah, he better change that sig.

and props to phoun for having stopped my 32 wins streak yesterday.

By the way alex, u should put cammy ratio 2, way more annoying than ure blanka

negative !!

you STFU !! :bluu: and stop turtling in every game !!

think u are good at mario 3 ?
no u are not

think u are good at megaman 2 ?
no u are not