Monty Python Retirement Reunion


well this is good and bad news. I heard rumours they were looking into doing a sequel to Holy Grail that dealt with what everybody was doing after Arthur (Chapman) died. I hope they do some new material.


LIve Monthy Python? that would be amazing.

So bittersweet. “Hey, we’re back together! Hey, we’re done after this!” Bloody bastards and their sense of comedy.


They really never wanted to be Pyrhon again after Graham died. Shame really, considering how amazing the show and movies were. If this gets a theatrical release I will definitely see it.

I just worry that it will only be them doing old bits, a la the Cheech and Chong reunion.


If they drag Graham’s rotting corpse on stage with them (and knowing them, they just might) This will be awesome. :tup:

Ex that. It will be awesome regardless. With Graham’s presence it will be GOD LIKE!



Holy Grail was the first script I ever read. I have fond memories of me in Band with the script on my stand instead of the music that I just memorized instead of reading. :tup:


Graham got cremated. They goofed on this for his funeral. Cleese dropped the urn repeatedly.


“He’s not dead, yet!”

“Actually, I’m feeling much better!”


Tis but a scratch /easyjokes


I’m hoping that this is somehow taped/recorded so that those of us who aren’t fortunate enough to be able to fly to the UK can still watch it somehow.


If you read the article, yes the last show will be filmed and shown either in theatres or on TV or both.