Moortalll Kombat..dc Style

Yeah read about that before. Batman vs. Batman vs. Batman? I don’t know you, but my money’s on Batman. :rofl:

lol maybe we’ll get a preptime batman vs macguyver batman…meaning no belt…just a wristwatch and like a battery generator.

I wonder if we’ll see DKR Batman lay a big hurt on all those other random Batmen… Like the Vampire Batman or the Russian freedom fighter Batman from Red Son.

What I really wanna see is some WildStorm on DCU action. Like Mr. Majestic vs. Apollo vs. Superman. Or Midnighter vs. Deathstroke vs. Batman. I doubt we’ll get that lucky, though.

MacGyver Batman rules.

The thing about “preptime” Batman is a fallacy. He doesn’t need time to prepare because he is always prepared. Just about every conceivable scenario he could ever face has already been thought about and prepared for long ago. Maybe if you factor in the amount of time it takes for him to think about the preparation he already did, then yeah, I guess that is a tiny amount of preptime.

Some would say that this makes Batman broken. They’re probably right. It’s still cool as hell.

Will akuaman be in it?