Moose's Great Adventure

Moose’s Great Adventure - A tale of travel to Evo East.

Travel to Evolution is always an adventure. Our group seems to have had quite the trip so far.

We begin on Wednesday. I, Faight (otherwise known as Project Pat, Iraq Pat, and “the guy with too much money”) drove up from my parent’s house in Charlotte, North Carolina. I had borrowed their van as it had two televisions in it and was spacious enough to fit all of us (6 people in total). I drove through two thunderstorms during the trip, leaving me with less than 25 feet visibility. Hydroplaning ensued, and I was lucky to make it through alive.

I arrived in Richmond, VA around 8pm. Headed over to Renegade’s (Robin Palm) apartment, and then met up with Moose (Billy Hummel). We hung out, played games, then went to bed.

The Great Adventure began the next morning. The drive to Connecticut was supposed to take about 6 hours. We had to stop off in Northern Virginia to pick up umthrfkr (Pat van Pelt), Ramza (Eric Kim), and Ypei (Alex Pei). We loaded up the van, and then all jumped inside. I was driving. I turned the key, the engine roared to life, and then promptly died.

I sat stunned for a moment, then tried to start the car again. It turned over, and then died again instantly. Moose proposed that the alternator was dead. Renegade and I were clueless. I discovered that if I kept gas running, the engine would stay alive. We speculated our next course of action: Pick up video game peripherals from Moose’s dorm room.

While waiting for Moose’s lumbering form to return from the dank dorm room he occupied, we called a local vehicle repair shop Renegade knew. The gentleman we contacted agreed to at least look at our vehicle and see what was wrong with it, as it was now able to idle. As I put it in reverse to leave the lot to head to the repair shop, it died yet again.

Our trip to the repair shop consisted of the vehicle cutting off on me several times in the middle of traffic. We finally arrived. A younger man with cropped hair and a dark blue shirt came out to check our vehicle. He asked the make and model, I replied.

“2001 Toyota Sienna”.

He stuck his head under the hood and used a device that looked to me like a multimeter of some sort. He announced that our alternator was bad.

“How long will it take to fix?” I asked curiously.

“About two hours…” he replied, trailing off.

“So… can you do it now?” I questioned.

“Not today” he replied. “I’m full until Monday.”

“Do you know any other shops that could do it for us?” Renegade chimed in. The man responded with a number for another shop which we promptly dialed. Unfortunately, he was full as well.

Our faces fell. Our planned trip to Evo East was about to fall through. Renegade, Moose, and myself toyed with the idea of just hanging out and playing games the whole weekend.

A spark popped in my head. “Why don’t we just rent a car?” I inquired. Robin jumped on his phone and called a local car place. We drove our dying vehicle to the Enterprise Car Rental lot not far from the repair shop. Upon arrival we learned that no larger vehicles were available, in the entire city of Richmond. We needed to sit six people. We inquired for the phone numbers of any other car rental places. We settled on Avis. Renegade pounded the numbers in his cell phone and began his inquiry. They began asked for silly stuff like a utility bill. Sadly, I had nothing in my name (as I was going to pay for it) due to not really living in the US for most of the year.

We packed back into the ailing vehicle and began trudging towards the Avis rental place. We got there and recieved no flack at all when renting. I gave them my license and Visa, and we were on our way in a brand new Ford Explorer. Checking the odometer, it only had 215 miles on it. This car is brand spanking new. Unfortunately, the storage space is tiny.

The time now was about 2 PM. We had lost two hours of our travel time, and we would most likely hit traffic in DC. We began our trip (finally) and jumped on I-95. Around exit 150 (Quantico) we hit some heavy traffic and jumped onto Route 1. We took Route 1 up to 123N. Traffic was horrible. We arrived at umthrfkr’s house around 4 or 5pm. After having a packing snafu as we had little to no space available, we ended up dropping down the second rear seat for luggage. We had to ditch the television as we had no room for it. Losing our mass entertainment and having to squish 3 people in the seat in the middle of an SUV is no fun. Traffic in the DC area was horrible, and we slowly drove to the local mall to get some food. After filling up with Chipotles and other various mall foods we finally began our drive north.

Being that I just bought a new phone, I discovered I could use it to get internet to my laptop. Overjoyed I instantly booted up World of Warcraft. However, my latency was horrible (around 1100 or so, almost as bad as when I was in Iraq) so I ditched that and instead started to browse 4chan. After getting our fill of large asian breasts and various other 4chan norms while in the middle of DC traffic we began browsing SRK.

That’s when this travel post came to life. Our originally estimated arrival of 8pm has already passed us, as it is now 8:30pm as I type out this post. Sitting in the car using Phoneternet to entertain the group as we post on SRK we pray we’ll make it to Stamford before midnight.

Pray for us, SRK. Pray for us. We’re guided by a broken GPS system, mildly entertaining ourself with internet in the car that cuts off randomly, and we ate mexican food a short while ago. It’s going to be an adventure.

Sounds miserable. At least the AC in that thing works, 'cuz it could have been a lot worse.

Good call on the rent-a-car though.

Oh, and good luck at the tourny.

Godspeed, warriors…godspeed.


Roughly an hour away from the tourney, in the middle of bumfuck New Jersey. I don’t know if Pat van Pelt is going to make it… the rest of us are planning on eating him if he goes. There probably isn’t much meat on him, but we’ll try. Renegade has called dibs on PvP’s rump roast.

Morale is low, but we’re hanging in there. We’re surviving on cured meats and boiled leather. The men are wondering why Deviljin hasn’t posted yet as he seems to post in every thread.

Will update if anyone dies or we get there.

Damn, you had a whole vacation before even leaving the state.

Moose not being able to shit in a Wendy’s bathroom - RANDOM

Also, we’re riding through some urban area and we have no idea where the fuck we are. My Garmin Streetpilot 2160 is leading us on a wild fucking goose chase and random dudes are trying to sell us roses at fucking midnight.

Shit is bizarre. Where the fuck are we?

Oh god fucking damnit. I wish we had a camera to take a picture of how bad this traffic is. I think we’re in the Bronx or something. I don’t know, this whole place is a clusterfuck.

How the hell do people live in this city? This traffic is ridiculous and it smells bad. The guy in the SUV behind us just drove over the median to merge into our lane. Seriously, there are like 16 lanes merging together under some bridge. What the hell? I blame this on Pat van Pelt changing the address in the GPS accidentally.

At least we went to Koreaville and gave Ramza a taste of his origins. All that language has funny circles and shit and it makes no sense. ENGLISH. DO YOU SPEAK IT?

Rosas para los muertos :rofl:

Korea jjang, kekeke.

update: Arrived at Westin Stamford Hotel approximately 2:30am.

Marn has already hit on Moose, telling him to put his shirt back on because it was distracting him. Marn officially confirmed to have caught the gay. Hopefully it’s just a 24 hour case, but we should keep an eye on him just in case.

Also, it’s official: Marn is a fucking pussy. He wouldn’t walk down one floor to go to his room alone. Kept bitching about “The Shining” and stuff. We kicked him out of the room.


I like Slash players. They are very…different from other fighting gamers.

The main reason why I haven’t posted anything yet is because I was out playing casuals with Snukums and Darkumas. I never really planned on going to Evo East any ways (cuz of work and I’m still planning to go to Vegas) so I just decided to have some 3S casuals with some guys in the area. If I was going I probably would have gone with you guys any ways and it sounds like you guys went through hell and back just to get there. :wow:

Going to Evo East would have given me some good Yun practice (since I haven’t fought against a good Yun in forever) but I guess that’ll have to wait till the next two local tournaments (VTYME and C3 which I plan on attending both). Less of a drive and no possibility of dying on the way there. :lol:

faight get your ass back on WoW asap

also me and sergio couldnt make it because his dad is a fag :

Mario Kart Finals:

Moose falls off rainbow road due to the awesomeness of blue shell red shell combo and loses by 3 points.

Renegade Evo Report:

Having a great time. Really chill atmosphere, lotsa room, tourney is run on time and pretty much w/ no problems. Sure, there are a couple of “death brackets” i.e. the AE Bracket D (which I was in) and the 3S Justin/Issei/Mopreme bracket. But, if they say its random, it’s random. Besides, most pools got several good players.

Yesterday sucked balls getting here. Pat’s story pretty much covers it. Got here at like 230 in the morning. Played some poker, Marn is really terrible. Which is fun.

Today was pretty interesting. Woke up at 8am to register for CvS2 and AE. I really don’t play much CvS2 anymore, and I recently decided to fancy an N Iori, Chun, Honda team… so it was an experiment.

Got lost for 30 minutes in stamford just trying to find food. Can’t find a grub joint ANYWHERE downtown. Seems like here everything is either downtown scrscraper zoning, residential zoning, or strip mall zoning, and they are all 20 miles apart.
Anyway. CvS2 pool. I’m not sure WHERE they came from, but tons of pad players here. Of course usually that means they’re not super good, which is true in this case. My first match was someone who had Kim and terry on his C groove team. My second match was the same lincoln who qualified in AE… but again I won pretty easily. THen all of a sudden I was in winners finals w/ justin. Random. Of course I get peaced and go to losers to play nick t. He’s better than me at the game, but I talked alot of trash to keep myself amused. I kinda dog on A groove in CvS2, cuz it’s so random. It’s like 2 button win. At least for the good characters/players who can confirm it. Most A groovers (this guy included) seem to be the random activate crowd. The leet setups include, dash->activate, Jump up->activate, Roll->activate, and the easily baited trip guard activate. OH yeah, let’s not forget the wakeup activate (or wake up… wait… activate) which seemed to plauge Moose today when he lost to Flash Metroid.

How far is this tactic level above roll-> super? not much, it just takes more time in training mode to do.

And that’s why your only good characters in A groove are the ones w/ guarunteed customs. Blanka Sak, Bison. Cuz w/ other characters, Vega, Rolento, Eagle, etc. You’re leaving too much to chance.

But don’t take much from me, I’m pretty much a scrub who can’t execute.

But yeah, I got third in my pool. Moose would have EASILY qualified if he was in my pool instead. Or even pat van pelt’s pool, which disqualified like 4 people besides him and smoothcat.

Next up was AE. I was in the bracket of death. Yup. the NKI/Jeron/Chris Li/ Sirlin/Julien/Phi pool. This pool was stupid. All 6 of these guys could have qualified. Anyway, I lost to NKI first, then beat the only two players in the pool worse than me… then got peaced by sirlin. Both sirlin and Chris were having problems with CE bison… like the rest of the world. I just used CE Guile, which does pretty well against that BS.

Faight didn’t want to play 3s after losing in AE (he gets kinda dejected after such things, he didn’t feel so bad after I told him that Chris Li’s honda lost to a bison too). So he gave me his spot. I was like “hey free tourney”

I’ve had a 3S revelation… I hate using chun in this game. Everything about her is the antithesis of Chun Li in every other game. Chun is rush, cross up, throws, and speed. Not about run away, turtle and poke. So boring to play her. No crossup, no real mixup game (no, eating 19 kara throws b/c you’re afraid of is not a mixup)

So I don’t play chun. I play alex. And a super ghetto alex. And I like to stomp. The stomp is like scrub kill. If you haven’t played 3s awhile, the stomp will eat you alive, pros brush it off w/ no problem. So I wreck some shop in pools. Lose to KOfiend, then won a few in losers, only to basically throw away 3 rounds to DSP.
I even fought a Yun who could do really good Genei Jin combos, I think w/ kara palms… but couldn’t deal w/ stomps. I win.


Then we played poker. 20$ buy in. I asked some staff about it, and the jist was… keep it away, keep off your badges, and don’t have any money laying around. Basically, if we don’t see it, and it’s not in our vicinity, we don’t care.

Play the tourney, and a side cash game. Tony cannon is playing w/ us and gets 3rd. Bacadi and Mike (marvel from Nyc) are still playing, but Tom comes out, and basically tells us to pack it up, or we’re banned from vegas.
Well, we pack it up. While i kinda had a “wtf” thought, i heard about the cal poly incident, and so I understand his motivation. Besides, i’m sure he was just as pissed at his brother.

I really didn’t think it was a big deal, since we were keeping low profile, and no one was making money off it (no house “rake” if you will). A rake is what breaks federal law, not home games. And a poker tourney could be defined in the same category as a fighting game tourney. it’s a game (of some skill) were participants pay a fee to win a purse. Anyway, no matter, we shut up shop.

Anyway, I’m having a good time. This is a great tourney.

Oh yeah, ps. in casual cvs2 match, I saw Ken air throw Bison out of a psycho crusher. DOn’t ask me how. Jwong saw it too. Said it was the weirdest thing he’d ever seen.

Wow…you know something’s out of place of J.Wong’s never seen it before. Getting air thrown out of a psycho crusher…random as fuck.

Good shit in 3S Renegade. Your Alex was straight up mix up city for those fools. It’s not Xbox Live so you can abuse stomps all you please. Now I’m wishing I was there to hold shit down with the Shinobi. I’m going to Vegas regardless any ways.

The Moose is Loose

This is the last day and to recab our adventure we have like 8 people sleeping in our room tonight. And The Cheasepeake Bay Area reped big. I got 2nd in mario kart and came in 3rd in a very difficult cvs2 pool. Won some money in poker and watched Eric Lee and Exodus do very well in 3s. Ramza, Alex and everyone actually did very well and almost randomed straight into qualify play. If I go to Vegas hopefully i have a chance at 5K in mario kart. Might bring my good friend Mike Clark or MEC with me…a marvel player from newport news who is a little better than me althought i do when my share he finishes higher most of the time. But off to work tomorrow night. I have to close at eb tomorrow or actually today…NCAA 2007 release day. Anywayz fun random times GARMAN SANDIEGO is going to catch us all. Phoenix Wright best game ever. AND MY MAS STICK IS FIXED THANKS TO PATRICK AND A AA Battery from the hotel remote. So i am powered up again.

i also qualed for cvs2(only to choke and freeze up on stage) and got third in my 3s pool

Way to work your way through pools. Show them XBL scrubs what’s up when you can handle an arcade stick. :tup:

Well, our weekend of fun is over. Good times were had by all. Except me. I hate Third Strike now. Thanks Ramza.

Word of the weekend: Raaaaandom.

We’re in the car driving home now. I made some new avatars for the crew, you’ll see them coming up shortly.

Marn is totally raaaaandom in poker. Him shouting out “I’m getting mad bitches” was totally raaaaandom. THE SHINING MARN, THE SHINING.

Ypei owns at online poker. Totally owned this fool in like 10 minutes. The other guy had 2970 and Ypei had 30… and Ypei came back and owned the guy in less than 10 minutes.

Hopefully we’ll be home before the sun sets today.

Wow…Marn makes me seem…sane. Guilty Gear players FTW. Somebody teach me poker plz.

EDIT: Holy crap I’m being quoted (WITH DIFFERENT QUOTES) in like all of your avs. Simply amazing. Technology is good.