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Hi, I’m Mooshington. I’ve been playing Gouken for a few years now, and while I usually only play non-ranked matches, in AE I decided to try to get as high of a ranking as I could with Gouken. For quite a while I was the top ranked player with the character on PC(!), but after I hit Rank A, I decided to just relax and go back to non-ranked matches. While building up to Rank A was a lot of fun, it was also kind of stressful and time-consuming, so I decided to ignore points and rankings and play more casually.

Over the last year or so I’ve saved matches that I found particularly fun or interesting, so I’m putting them up in my Youtube channel:

I figure the vids might be useful to some people who are learning Gouken, and I’d love to receive tips and comments from other experienced Gouken players. If anyone who plays on PC would like to have some matches, feel free to hit me up.

Oh, there’s also some Gen in there too. I occasionally play him.

Video thread

What the Mullah said. Videos go in the video thread. If you want your videos critiqued they go in the critique thread, one at a time please though.

We’re trying to keep all the information organized around here so that people can just go to “one place” to get what they need without searching 20 different threads and what not.


Nice. This is delicious.

Mooshingto how are you able to upload videos. If you are use a capture card what kind is it. I am trying to start something with Gouken please help me if you can.

I play on PC, so I am able to use Fraps. I’m afraid I don’t know much of anything about capturing video on consoles.

Consoles you can use a Hauppage PVR

200 bucks is a lot of money for something so…trivial.

Trivial for you, perhaps not trivial for others?

Same for money. 200 might be a lot to you, not so much to others.

$200? Come on, some people spent more money on just the decal on their car. Really, to each their own. Just think of it this way. There are plenty of people who have a PS3/Xbox + SF4 + Joystick, for just THIS ONE GAME (or maybe two games, whatever). I know I am one of them.

Yeah, I know. I’m not judging others, I’m just thinking about how much I would actually be using it. The money I’ve spent on my stick and the replacement parts, the time spent soldering and swapping parts and pcb boards, the smaller monitor I bought with less lag, I consider money well spent because I’ve definitely used these things more than what I paid for them. I’m presuming you need to save the vids on your comp, of which I currently only have about 6 gigs of free space due to my collection of music. I have my reasons…if it was like 50 bucks then I would definitely get one.

You can get one for 50 bucks, it’s called a dazzle but it doesn’t record in HD.

When you love something, you spend ridiculous amounts of money on it. I am currently just making vids with my phone, but eventually I want to expand to much higher quality, when I have the funds for it. Personally I blame FADC, damn you Seb!

Damn right… I spent God know what on my set up and haven’t even used that shit since I moved in July. Now I need to spend about another $150 to make it work b/c my computer is in another room from my TV now.

I could get pre-historic and use a long as video cable though… LOL.

So, since I’ve completely derailed this thread, how much space does, say, a 3 minute match end up taking on your hard drive (not HD), and is there any conversion I need to do with another program or can I just save the vid on my computer (WMV?) and then upload it here directly or to youtube?

When I record with Fraps at half size, 30 fps, a full match can be several gigabytes. It would be much larger if I recorded full size at 60 fps. I use Windows Movie Maker, and it is able to convert it into a 90-100 mb video for uploading to Youtube.