Mopreme "Total Ryu" video question

After viewing this video for what still seems like “forever” and studying some of the techniques therein, one combo still seems to elude me. I was hoping that someone could help me to perfect this or perhaps give me guideance on how to perform or just simply execute it.

“cross-up mk, standing mk, crouching mp, super-art”

It is the transition from the standing mk to the crouching mp that fouls me up. I do not seem to be quite getting ahang of the timing in order to do this. I am old-school player (mostly from the SSF2:t era) so any help or recommendations would be appreciated.

That sequence can only be done on a crouching character, i believe–and not just any character. From what i recall, it only works on characters who have wide crouching hit boxes, i.e., Ibuki, Alex and Dudley.

Also, it’s not a crouching MP that comes after the close standing MK. It’s a crouching LP :D.

As many years, as I have been with this series, you would have thought that I would have even THOUGHT of trying a crouching LP… :o

<'DOH !!!>

Thank-you. All this time I had been practicing on Gouki and Ken. :smiley:

i gotta give it up for mopreme on that 1, that was some good shit. anyways, anyone know wtf is happenin when ryu does saII after he throws down dudley? does saII have otg properties? does this only work on dudley? appreciate the help cuz if it’s otg wow, imagine the possiblilities :evil:

yeah, shoto - dudley otg glitch = ONLY on him

Incase anyone’s wondering, there is another OTG “glitch” with twelve vs. hugo: neutral throw -> tiger knee’d sa??

I don’t play twelve so I don’t know the super art.

Man…if ryu’s sa1 was instant and had mucho range on the first frame…he’d be so badass.

You can do it with either twelve’s SA1(XNDL) or SA2(XFLAT), although doing SA2 is considerably harder.

The useful thing about that combo is that the LP “resets” the shin-shoryuken’s damage, making it do LOADS of damage to a player such as alex, who has decent beef. The downside is it’s almost unrealistic situation portraying a crouching alex doing nothing at all, so there’s not much of a chance to do it on him. Ibuki and Dudley may be a different situation with the shinkuu hadoukens at least.

This is actually from the link encyclopedia, but which dragon punch links after a fwd+fierce? I can do the ex but not a normal one. How tight is the timing?