Morado Blank Case ***SOLD***


Case is built from Morado hardwood, hand-rubbed polyurethane finish
Built for PS3 or Xbox360 with (3) 24mm buttons holes on the back
Built for Sanwa JLF or Seimitsu LS-32/LS-40
Includes plexiglass top and bottom panels, rubber feet and joystick mounting hardware
Dimensions 9 x 12 x 2.0" (at front) & 2.75" (at back)
The plexiglass still has the protective film on it


Here is a shot of the finish:


Thanks again SRK!!!

Oh Nice!.. i wish i could have enough money to buy you a hardwood blank case :(… (thinking on international shipping makes me cry)

Best Regards!


i just got my stimulus check.

We have to run an errand and may be back later than 2pm…possibly…closer to 3pm. We apologize and appreciate your patience.

We are back, the stick will go up for sale at 2pm. Again, sorry for the inconvenience.


TMO Gaming

The Morado case has sold.

Thank you for the interest.

We will have a Jumbo Sized announcement tomorrow.