Morbid curiosity: Option misselects


Everyone knows OSes. Some people call SF4 Option Select Fighter. But can the idea of automatically acting the best way possible be turned on it’s head for the laughs? That is, are option misselects (where the engine defaults to the wrong thing) possible at all and if so, do you know any or can you come up with some?


You mean like you try to crouch tech, and you get caught with a frame trap? Or you’re Ryu jumping on a knocked down Bison, you OS a spin kick with your cross-up, and you input it in the wrong direction because he teleported in another direction? Or you’re Ibuki trying to OS a command dash with your jump attack in order to beat Akuma’s wake-up teleport option but you input it in the wrong direction, or he uppercuts instead and hits you?


Or you’re Fei and you try to OS jump in with CW and end up coming out with a Tenshin instead?


No, I don’t mean mistakes as such. But deliberate attempts to figure out an OS that ends up hurting you instead of always doing the right thing just out of curiosity and for the lulz.


Don’t think people have figured stuff like this out, especially since it’s absolutely useless. Although I suppose if bad OSs were to exist, it would abuse special input priority. Heck, the majority of OSs already don’t cover 100% of all options to the point where you’ll just flowchart your way to victory.


Umm…when you do an option select dp and you’re a tad bit out of range so it ends up whiffing as opposing to make contact and leaves you out of range to fadc to safety but end up getting punished dearly for it?


But that’s an execution error on the player’s part. Not necessarily an error on that specific option-select’s design.


Idk. I’m just trying to come up with something. rofl.