Morbid curiosity: The patch

Suppose Akuma’s changes are handled by a complete sadist out to avenge the old days of SF2 when he played Gief vs. Akuma in some backwater place where they didn’t ban him.

Our dear glowy-eye gets Yanged. Badly.

Who would you play?

Seth, I have a good taste of low health now… And for once I would stand more chance online against the scrubs.

Johnny Cage.

Evil Ryu. He’s set to be the next top tier monster.

My candidates atm are Ryu, ERyu and Dhalsim. Depending on what they get, and how badly Akuma gets mauled. Though I’ve got to say that ERyu’s st.hp drives me nuts. It just feels clunky as hell.

special cancellable far mp is stupid. why not give that to everyone…

That won me a game yesterday ^^