More advanced areas of CP

After flicking through the pages, I noticed most of the info on CP was about the dash. But is there any other areas where it can be taken advantage of? Like with normals and parrying etc?

I was thinking of a situation, although I have no comp to practice so…

Say you see someone jump forward, and you know they’re going to attack. So you instantly charce back for 0.8(should be just enough time depending on the char.), hit forward for the parry, return to back then forward and Ex crush, crush xx aegis. There you are, perfectly set up for a corner juggle. Would this partition?

I was thinking this because the advantage time off the parry seems to be near enough the same as uriens dash. But I don’t know what other areas of partioning there are.

Cool, thanks.

Yeah, parrying with charge partitions doesn’t seem very fesiable. It’s by all means possible by “what-you-can-and-can’t-do” standards, but I’ve never tried to do it (that being said, it could not work, but it should).

The parry/tackle partition isn’t really necessary since forward counts towards the tackle like grahf said. If you wanted to be really fancy, you could be charging down 0.8, parry a jump in, and proceed with the 0.2 + headbutt, or standing strong xx headbutt. Again, highly impracticle but should work.

In addition to this, several other non-dash partitioning tricks are available, such as partitioning between mk+mps, or other standing moves, such as fp, or mp. 3 standing MP’s while charging down between them can be used into headbutt, or kneedrop. Usefulness? Not great, but every little bit helps. I’d love some extra practicality tips on stuff people can do. :badboy:

Erm, about the charging down .08 then down .02 to do s.strong xx headbutt, you can do that without charge partitioning =\ I dunno what it’s called, but it’s like a delayed partition maybe? Charge down and on your way to pressing up hit strong then up and whatever. =\

its called cancelling :wink: and ye its possible, but that kinda partitioning is needed with lp,mp xx headbutt for example

I guess I should have kept it simple and just said down .8, parry, down .2, headbutt.

The strong in there was just to show the limits of what Urien can do with partitioning. It’s easier to do the headbutt without the strong, but also unnecessary, since there are several anti-airs that are just as good if not better. Parrying followed strong xx Headbutt without partitioning is magical stuff. Impossible too I think :xeye:

Partitioning around parrying in my eyes is very worthless. Very good :wow: factor, but not something you would want to really experiment with in an important fight, since it relies heavily on the other person to hit you at the exact time.