More coloring help Special FXs


Still getting to grips with photoshop.

I need some advice on some cool color fx for flames. I’m trying to get my flames look less like cardboard cutouts. It’s pretty tough cos’ the comic gets published in Black N’ White first.

I’ll post the black and white version in case anyones wants to show me an example.

Oh and thanks for the color help from my last topic. I’ll be using thoughs tips in my next comic.

Thanks in advance

The Muntmeister


I like the concept, although I might suggest you play up the fusing back together a bit more. You know, larger panel of the action, perhaps even with some kick ass wing-like pheonix flames coming out of him :stuck_out_tongue: As for the appearance of the flames, they fit the drawings just fine. They may not be realistic, but they are consistent with the rest of the drawing. If you made the flames really shiny and special FX like, they would look very out of place with your drawings. Watch your panel layout around panel 8. The way it is now, the eye tends to jump from 8 to the last panel, skipping 9 and 10. I posted an edit below. Probably not the best solution, but the quickest one that came to mind and very easy to do. Study some anatomy and get yourself a lettering guide. ^_~


Heres the B+W

Any Comments advice etc is most welcome

ps play Beats Of Rage


Cheers Chainwhore for the comments.

The new layouts cool. You’re right I’ll stick with for the final piece.

Cheers for the comments.

I’ll post the whole comic when I can be bothered Compressing the whole thing down to tiny JPEGs.