More damage off hyper combo?

well i find that if you do

launch jump up heavy kick psy blade cancel into psy thrust then aim it up fowards or straight up (for dhc) you do alot more damage then you normally would.

you do 70 damage versus the normal 55 , and you can still dhc,

although with more hits you build more meter in the end of the match where it wouldn’t matter i think knowing that combo may be a big difference between winning and losing.

it’s supposed to go straight, it takes practice, and if you miss (they are too low to go foward) you can make a desperation down fowards version that otgs (the window is small) but does 69 damage or close to it.


are you saying the butterflies do 55 damage? I thought AC into butterflies was supposed to do way more than psy thrust.

Yeah I have always liked that when you do the butterfly AC; you can call storm and follow it up into another butterfly ac.:cool:

Dude, I have a friend who uses your team and used to start Psy. He found that it’s a lot more effective if you start cammy. He starts storm if he needs to catch runaway storm w/ cammy’s assist. I know you’ve probably heard this a lot but, why start Psy?

I start psy only if im gonna be facing mag cable storm. the reason is, it’s because I need the cammy asisst to help me lock thye character down. plus dowing the lk psy blade at random counters anything they try to do to you. Other times I start cammy ie against Sent

But Psy’s worst matchups are against the big four. I don’t see how you can manage going up against mag/psy with psy/cammy. Why don’t you just use storm/cammy?(the ultimate runaway game!:evil: )

i didn’t know you could call a assist afterwards O_o