More Dormammu Combos Less Run Away!


Just a combo vid I made. I wana know what you guys think.

nice video. i wish more people would explore what dormammu is capable of. you would be crazy to not think this guy is top 5 in the game.


Yes yes i agree. sometimes it feels like im the only one -.-

good stuff man, im gonna try and implement more spells into my combos, I got a thing for being sylish. not many people play dorm or actually do dormmamu combos… everyones either doing LHS, MMHS, pillar, super, or the mastacj with wesker assist, or they’re trying to play keepaway. Its funny cause dorm can do so much damage solo, with 1 bar, no spells.

Everyone knows about: Cr.L, St. H, F.H, (Teleport L), ADDD, H (on the way down), J.M, J.H, J.S, J.M J.H, J.S, St. M, S, air magic series, OTG pillar, super (does 780k+). Its not thes easiest combo in the game but its pretty easy, I learned and became consistent with doing it in about 2 days. Its just timing and being aware of how close you are to the corner.

But we can’t complain, if no one wants to play arguably one of the best characters to its full potential, it makes it easier for us, since no one will know the trickery >: )

This is badass, I’m gonna learn to do the midscreen combos the person did in the video. I love Dormammu’s spell game, it adds so much to the character. Whenever I watch videos of Dorm players in tournaments I’m always disappointed by how little the spells get used.

hey thanks man, thats pretty much the only types of dorm vids i post. a lot of people give me shit for it on the forums because they say it isnt practical but if you like it check out my other vids, im not looking to get more views or subs or anything i just like inventing dorm combos!

The whole reason i made this thread! if you ever see a dorm in a tournament stream you always see that shit and i HATE it. plus they usually get blown up for trying to run away anyway.

Lately when I’m playing it seems like all I’ve been doing is keepaway, but I actually did a slightly altered version of s.S -> Meteors -> Stalking Flare combo that I saw on the video, in a Ranked Match! It was so awesome. :3

Your combos are so creative, i am beginning to play dormammu and didn’t though of a hard tag after meteors, this character has lots of potential, and the spells are awesome, not only teey do ridiculous damage they also build tons of meter.