More Drama At Art's


Okay, If anyone was there the other night when we were trying to watch SBO Read this.
Art Immediately comes down on me after you guys leave and tells me I’m “being a smart ass” and “abusive towards axel”. Sorry, but anyone who was there knows I was joking around, and the stuff I was joking around about wasn’t even that bad. I made like one joke about how Axel shouldn’t eat up our bandwidth because “He was gonna lose anyways”.
Then he goes on to accuse me about some bullshit about me being the only one wanting to watch SBO, and that I was just trying to annoy other people with the feed. I found it unfair that he also accused me of trying to “use other people’s shit without their permission” (eg FatBear’s lappy in order to connect to the SBO feed).

To make a long story short, I’m looking for somewhere else to play, and after I get my camera back, I’m not going there again. I trusted Art and I treated him like a brother and I got this bullshit in return.

So anyone else got an alternative hangout? I’ll be willing to put money down for sticks and shit.

I just wanna have everyone be able to play minus all this bullshit.



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Portland is serious business, yo.


i’m sure art had his reasons for what he did, axel told art that me and samY were also talking to him about the bandwith issue from what i heard. art just said more a less that me and samY were more diplomatic i suppose would be the correct word. either way they had dsl it was realitivly slow to begin with whether or not axel was pwning kids on gears or halo it would have been glitchey/laggy feed i did end up going home that night catching the 3s finals. it was dope!! haha oh not to mention i think it was Nuki vs CE Bison omg best match ever.

Portland is not that serious people have their reasons for doing what they did. the bottom line is sometimes shit seems worse than it is. hopefully.


I Get Money, Money I Got.


I think Art’s just a little stressed out right now about various game shit. He was being a dick on Saturday which is actually why I left but I don’t think we should hold it against him. I’ll talk to him on Friday about this stuff and find out what he’s really thinking. Stay tuned.




Seems like Art is angry…like I said I don’t know him so I’m not gonna judge


WoW, so one Portland Drama thread closes and Portland Drama opens another Portland Drama thread…

So you watched what Art did to me and you thought you were bulletproof from Art’s stupid gun?

There is no reason to defending this guys stupiditiy… Angry my Ass. Angry = Stupid Pass? Dude is a bitch, plan and simple. end of thread.

Edit: If Art dosent want grown folk making fun of his kid, Maybe his kid should shut the fuck up talking shit to grown adults…


Jetay, i have no problem with you, but i think in the case of you and Art, you guys always had conflict’s together since the day i started showing up there. now he’s asked you to not ever come back, just or not it IS Art’s house it IS Art’s rules and he IS the guy who lets people play games at his house WELL after he’s gone to bed he has opened his door to all of us, and i think people sometimes forget what he does for the Portland scene. the guy has been working like 50-60 hour weeks for the past month and a half to two months he is most obviously stressed out and some of the little things he let slide before are getting more annoying to him.

Matt, i like you, your a cool kid although i can see how someone would take things from you sort of abrasively though you wanted to tell someone about your frustration i don’t think it’s fair to post something in bias on a forum full of people who don’t personally know art or how important he has been for the scene i really wanted to stay on the fence with these issues but sometimes not saying anything is just as bad as talking shit, ya know?

everyone else on SRK and in the NW area, Art has opened his door to ANY and EVERY fighting gamer in the NW, i could be wrong but i feel he is ALSO center of the scene in Portland without Art’s house i would have probably Quit 3rd strike/cvs2 altogether i would have never started playing marvel or ST. but most importantly i would have never become friends with all the guys in Portland so before you complain about Art not being NICE to you? try to remember how many games you have played or how much you have advanced in any game you’ve played AND all the people you have become closer to because of Art’s.


yeah that’s all.



To be fair, Art has been nice. But he’s singled me out quite a bit recently and I’m just fed up with it for now.

Maybe it’s because I suck at third strike (or that I beat him for free at ST now :p), and maybe it’s because I’m the youngest. I suppose you could say I’m a pretty weird person compared to the rest of the crew, but I try my best (most of the time) to keep a (relatively) low profile. I guess to an extent I’m pretty trollish and I try to start shit just for the fuck of it, but people usually catch on to fact I’m kidding, right?

I dunno, I’m open to constructive criticism as always. I’m always into bettering myself as a person. After all, why should fighting games be the measure of an individual?


Mackenzie, the last part of your post is extremely confusing because you typed it out to everyone else in the NW and I’m pretty sure no one up here really knows who Art is, OR have been to his house. JTM is the only person that’s come to mind who actually knows who he is from Seattle hahah. And about quitting 3S/CvS2, you can just quit the former, it’s perfectly acceptable.

As an outsider looking in, I think hosting while in an irritable state shouldn’t happen. It’s just a recipe for disaster. I know if I’m working 50-60 hour work weeks, no one’s coming over my house for a long while hahah. That’s just me I guess, but it’s not really an excuse to act crazy. I’m notorious for being angry as fuck in tourneys and in life in general (lol) because of stupid shit that happens, doesn’t exactly justify my outbursts to people though.

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I didnt get shit from Art’s. I got my shit from Ray’s WAAAAY back in the day. So lets have that straight Right of the bat.

What im basically getting from what you are saying is " Its Art’s House so he can be a BITCH " You know that shit aint right. Dude gets a free pass b/c he lets dudes play games at his house? the fuck is that. He isn’t really doing it for us. He is doing it for free training for himself. You remember how bad he SUCKED before people started to go over there. No he has gotten a little bit better and now saying the hell with people. You cant say its acceptable for a dude be on a Total " take my ball and go home tip " reguardless.

Fuck this improving the scene. He was doing it for himself. Plan and simple. This is becomming a trend. and the more you aplogize for this joke and keep roling over there, the more this kind of bull shit is gonna keep happening. You really need to think you would be kickin it with this guy much less defending this character if he wasnt having his house open. I doubht that mess hard.

To be Real: YOU are the one that got closer to the scene from Art’s… Not Us. We were already there way before Art’s!


I thought I was the youngest.

Here’s my point of view, even though I don’t know Art to well, I can see why he is so stressed out! 50-60 hours a week! I mean damn guys thats a shit load. As the HOST of having people over it is however for the HOST to be a good HOST! So I have to completely agree with Jetay. If anything the host and the guest should both be polite. Guest show up with manners and Host as the provider and polite.




Jetay, Mandel, etc:
It’s not that Art gets to be a bitch for free, but peeps need to pay some respect.

Matt, I hate to break it to you, but you’re pretty annoying sometimes. I don’t think anyone has anything personal against you, it’s just that it’s pretty awkward to hang out around you sometimes. I think that’s really all there is to Art singling you out. It’s not fair and I’ll talk to him about it. I just wanted to let you know what I think was going on between the two of you.

Jetay, I anticipate that you’re gonna come in here and say something like “Why should I respect Art when he doesn’t respect me” or some shit like that. The thing is, from my experience around you, I can’t help but assume that you’re leading this little war. If you want people to respect you, you gotta be humble. Take Anthony for example. Peeps trash on him behind his back all the time cause he’s usually and ass about games. If he didn’t have crazy skills and acted the way he does now, he’d be in the same boat as you. The fact that he gets away with talking shit is unrelated to the issue at hand.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is stop being such a scrub. Do you really think people enjoy listening to you tell them they suck cause they lost to so and so at some tournament or some shit like that? You’re usually cool people, but why don’t you try staying out of other people shit for a while. I’m assuming you don’t play 3rd strike seriously, as in you don’t practice or really aspire to reach the top of the local scene, so why don’t you leave the mid tier players that actually care alone for once so they can practice and improve in peace?

Disclaimer: I’m not usually on the wrong end of Jetay’s shit so it’s a bit of a stretch for me to imagine what those who are are thinking but I hope I’ve said at least one constructive thing. Everyone should just try their best to not explode before evo, cause this shit will probably cool down quite a bit after that.


this is some pretty amazing shit.


Art seems to be a nice guy from what I’ve seen. Shit seems to have deteriorated since I last went.


Bump! Dipset, Dipset!


one time art stole my sandwich.

because i am a fat asian kid, that pissed me off pretty badly.

but art leveled with me and explained "i only wanted you to see how annoying you were being"
lesson learned.

the point is, take it with a grain of salt.

maybe it is because i am a scrub, but i don’t really give a shit anymore.

i guess being random has its advantages?