More EC than WC in the MvC2 finals baby!


Yeah yeah you know it…holla…if jwong, desmond, sanford, josh, hopefully philly with the likes of rick and em’ then theres no doubt the east coast is gonna be reppin the qualifying…

Then theres gonna be people that are gonna say…oh well the west coast has so many players…but its not about that…its about whos the best…EC baby holla…




i think a lot of those people might attend de-evolution instead, it’s not a counter to evolution in any way, just felt like they needed a regional for east coast people around that time i think


Hrm, looking at, it seems to be a definitive counter to Evolution, based on the webmaster’s comments on the tournament, and based on the little text snippets on the promo vid.


top haters are a bunch of childish idiots. d-evo is the stupidest thing they can be doing, and i’m sure it’d be detrimental to the SF community if it is implemented fully. regardless if i go to evo or not, i will definitely not go to d-evo. :rolleyes:


ooo exodus u got them there!!!:confused:

hahah…anyways to that guy that said “uh” that was brillant…and i know you know EC is gonna take the shit once again…biatch…holla back

and who cares if its a counter to evo its just another major or whatever so people can meet and play games…so i guess in your opinion thats very detrimental to the sf community…cant have people meeting up and playing games now…no stop playing games here!


starbury: that fact that it’s going to be a ‘major’ isn’t a detriment. what is, is that it is held on the same weekend as america’s SF nationals, evolution. furthermore, it’s called ‘de-evolution’ to insinuate that it will take evolution’s place. FURTHERMORE, the promo video, along with the obvious hate messages from, all point out that they extremely despise the cannons and evolution as a whole. so essentially, they want to fuck up our national SF tourney.

the reason that’s detrimental is because holding such a tourney on such a date would cause conflict between the players, splitting up WC and EC yet AGAIN. what the hell is the purpose of flaming the west coast? learn to grow up. even if WC does hate EC [which i publicly have not seen], at least they have some restraint in not showing such childish behaviors.


doesn’t the west coast do that every year during ECC because Todd Dwyer is the most hated man on the east coast and he’s related to ECC? Last year 128 man SHGL tourney this year SW Regionals, aren’t those detrimental to the scene because if i was in those areas i’d be like “man why waste my money to goto ECC when there’s a tourney right here”. i’m surprised this just happened now because since the incident at that one ECC seems like WC always trying to take people away from ECC



No. Every year SHGL had a big tournament the weekend of E3. Last year E3 was the same weekend as ECC, so the two unfortunately conflicted.

Javi and the other SW people freely acknowledge that ECC is the big tournament that everyone should go to, which is why they’re billing their tournament as “regional.” I think they’re just taking advantage of the 3-day weekend for people who can’t make it to ECC.

Compare that to, which proclaims in bold letters “DO NOT BUY TICKETS TO EVOLUTION YET!!!” Until recently, tournament organizers worked together to not interfere with each other. Originally there was MWC in June, and ECC scheduled itself in May to not conflict. Then SRK schedueled the “B” tournaments in August so that people could go to all 3. Finally, the Nebraska guys are building up their major in November. Again, no conflict.

If this changes and we get into “tournament wars” the big losers will be the players. With all the challenges we have to deal with (declining arcades, no new Capcom releases), tournament directors should be working together, not against each other.


D-Evo is shit, its just so EC can be seen :lol:

I watched the D-Evo video and I can tell you now, its gonna suck ass, first of all the, webmaster of Top Haters cant even do a good video, looks like shit to me

2nd: What? Theres like 10 players from EC thats gonna go ? Woopty doo! Its not gonna cover the charges for what they put on the video :lame:

3.Evolution gets people all over the world, D-Evo is the opposite…only the EC players go, and how many is that? BFE : Butt Fuck Egypt, no one is gonna go to D-Evo, 1, No one knows where the hell it is, 2,its unorganized, 3, No one gives a shit.

So What Im trying to say is, It doesnt matter if WC or EC wins, its a game, and with D-Evo around, they make it look like the damn Empire that Justin Wong and Sanford Kelly are in, Fucking Fanboys.


seriously guys, the idea of d-evo is really bad. don’t blow this rivalry shit out of proportions. can’t you see that it’s really childish? you guys are out of your teen years, why act like you’re pre-teens?

if you guys pan out the shit from d-evo, and make it non-grudging, i’m sure we can have 2 EC majors per year or something – that’s not a bad idea, eh?


Exodus why are tryin to be like my mom…stop bitching damn…i think its good to have an EC WC rivalry…cause then we have something to work on so when we meet we can see who is best whats wrong with that…and what the fuck do u keep on bringin up teens and children for u fucking pedophile…damn…im only 19 so i guess i can still act like a teen…The point of De-Evo is to spite the cannons and give a tourney to the people that cant afford the money to travel to cali and lose…fuck that im not spending 1g of my money to get put in some fixed bracket…

anyways WC is goin downin Marvel once again…believe it baby…


hahaha! Were gonna see arent we Starbury! I dont know…WC is looking at a great chance…we got Soo, Sin :rolleyes: and a few good people that could count as very good competition, so you betta watch out :smiley:


not trying to be your mom – trying to be a reasonable unbiased SF player.

EC WC rivalry is good. this is beyond that. how is EC and WC gonna meet up and see who’s better, if the tourney makes it so that the two will not meet up?

me mentioning your age makes me a pedophile? i highly doubt that. just by that counter-point, you obviously think like a kid. and no, i prefer women my age, if not a little younger.

giving poor players the opportunity to attend an EC major? that’s hardly what d-evo is. that’s their alibi. why not hold it on another date? if the purpose is the same, it makes no difference whether it’s on EVO date or not. run it a week after.

the point of going to evo is to compete against the best. if you’re afraid of wasting money and losing, why go at all? go back to training mode.

never been in cannon’s tournies, so i wouldn’t know how they bracket.

— see how every point you make, i have a counter-point that makes sense and didn’t pull out of my ass because i hate WC? at least try to appear intelligent.


Exoudes: Cannons lost money last year, but they bracket from



Did you type that with a straight face?


Damn Ex u got me there being that intelligence is measured by how u type on a forum for a video game and not by what ur major is in college or where u go in fact…im just tryin to brew up some hate between ec and wc whats wrong with that…damnnnnn

i dont need to think of genious counter-points to why evolution is a waste of time for EC people other than the ones i mentioned b4 its just obvious…

bringing up intelligence on a gaming forum…haha ur so gay…

Ex “Ur childish comments cannot affect me…im am not a teen and thus can not be affected by such things”

ur even more gay then tfgm…by the way im at school for biomedical engineering …what are u doing buddy…yea fuck u bitch:lol: :lol:


Jeez, Calm down Ex and StarBury, when we meet at Evo, we can settle this with a nice round of Grab ass :lol: :lol: JP!!!

We can settle it by playing a game of Marvel and lets see whos really gonna kiss some hard ass.


for poor players like me…de-evo is a good idea…i thought i kind of made it clear i wouldnt be goin to evo…lets see what mom dukes has to say bout it…money wise…:cool:



puerto rico puerto rico puerto rico puerto rico

beach brawl puerto rico national tournament january :slight_smile:

and yes team puerto rico is going to evolution this year and win everything or top 3 lol