More Exalted news!

check it out. hope we will get your support on this project like we do on SF!!

Judging by this issue’s artwork(which is beautiful)you got my support.:tup: My only gripe is that I hope its not “JESUS CHRIST! its hella Late!” between issues like MU is.

Hey, is that Jasara wallpaper by Hung-Tae Kim?

And yeah, I’ll give issue one a shot.

Once is all it takes. That was my take from Echo’s experience

I already knew the art would be incredible,but whoever created the characters did a superb job.All their designs are kickass and that combined with it being tied to Udon makes me want to get it. My only gripe with comic books is getting a good finale.I know street fighter is going to finish as well as darkstalkers(sales are only going to get better) but with Exalted I am not so sure with,but would get it if i knew it would last awhile.

The first Exalted series is planned for 6 issues. We are already on issue 2 art!

Sounds good.i’m in!

I’m gonna say “no”…

It really doesn’t look that much like his drawing, just sorta his painting style. I think this is the regular artist.

That is correct. The image is by Noi Sackada.

It looks cool…but I don’t see me buying it…but who knows…