More fan art

Juni this time. I thought about doing more with this, like maybe a slight suggestion of Bison’s face, or glowy eyes, but they didn’t seem to work as well as I had hoped. I’m ok with this though for now.

Well done. Excellent. The shadows around bison fit perfectly, and it really doesn’t need any glowing eyes or special effects. Juni was perfectly made, and that just makes this picture stand out more.

I like the detail and shading on Juni’s face – zombie expression and good use of colour. Esp like that her eyes are reddish and help tie the red bits of the pic together. Nice handling of shadows on Juni’s body.

Interesting concept for your composition. Juni standing under a strong light, with Bison behind her… almost like she’s being interrogated or something.

I think the lighting could be done better, though. Composition-wise, Juni seems to be the focal point of the pic, but the colours and lighting place more emphasis on Bison’s arms.

Stronger and larger areas of highlights on Juni’s body & gauntlets will produce greater contrast, and help reinforce the spotlight effect on her. Tone down the red on Bison’s arms a bit, and add more shadow to make them less prominent.

Just a suggestion. It’s not an easy pic to attempt, and I think you’ve done pretty well.

Fair, I was thinking the same thing. I may attempt to make those edits later. Thanks for the suggestions!

Great job man!

I totally agreew ith what Rook said so far. When i squint my eye the value on his arm is the same as her hair which needs to be toned down. The other things that i see is to drop down some of the red on her gloves. Put some purples for cooling it off because color value on it is way too high right now. Her shadows on her cap shouldn’t compete with the shadows on her body suit. Shape definition plays a big role so I’d get better shape color on her tie and her boobs. Get some bounce light on the metal and hair. Lighter objects like that under that kind of light usually reflect big time.

I think you can pull Bisond face slightly into the light more just to make a suggestion. What you have now is good though. Yeah the yellow eyes wee too distracting and took away from the whole pic. Tried it myself hehe.

Overall this is some of the best Juni fanart i have seen. peace.

Good picture I can’t help much with the coloring, but the whole pose and composition is nice. A creepy fitting picture. :tup:

Agreed. I’ll make a few changes then soon. Thanks for the comments!

Great job, Kamui. I thought sfmc just quoted your pic and replied below and I was thinking what is he talking about, it looks fine. But in fact he has already painted over it!

Is Juni or Juli the one with the larger breasts?

Juli is the one with the bigger chest.

Bison’s arms are bugging me. They look too stumpy and short.

I think your initial idea of putting in some of Bison’s face or eyes was a good call. I think you can do both, just downplay the glow effect in Bison’s eyes and maybe have them be what very very subtly lights his face. Since his eyes can glow pinkish or purple, I think it would fit nicely. (Bison’s face in either a straight on, or upshot would work)
You could even add some of his cape at the bottom to help frame them.

Personally, I wouldn’t have even drawn Juni’s right eye, just shaded over it. But that’s just me.

Overall I really like it. I think it’s a good idea with good execution. Just a couple little nit pick things here and there, as others mentioned above, that would bring it to the next level.

My first impression was ‘Whoah!’

After careful examination, I can see what rook n sfmc are talking about but also what Apathy-Inc added. I still think its a kick-ass picture! :clap:

I really like this, it succeeds in conveying the menacing atmosphere. The linework is great also.