More free time today.... I'll take 2 more av requests


I have time for 2 more requests and this time it can be any av, not just Naruto…


hey pain. Make me a funny avatar!! :smiley: Something with chibi goku if possible! If not. Surprise me!!


Um… I can change the color scheme to blue if you don’t like orange… I was just trying something different…


I kinda want something comical, it really doesn’t have to have goku in it. Just something funny almost like yours!! That avatar is pretty cool though but its hard too see with that flashing light and orange. Make me something comical.


I’ll try… do you have any ideas though?.. I’m not sure exactly where to start or what theme you want…


OK! Make me one with chibi goku flying on the nimbus cloud. Animated if possible!


Sorry, I won’t be able to make any avs for a while b/c I just lost everything on my hard drive…:bluu: