More hd remixes?

We will see what Capcom got up there sleeves

Third strike HD remix

Make it happen.

They mention MvC2 in the article, but I don’t really see that happening… Too much art to do with that massive rooster, sadly. Unless they scrap all the useless characters and just keep the god tier :wgrin:

Use 3d models like TvC next time. Looks better. I bet it’s cheaper and faster too.

Savior HD Remix PLEASE!!!

fuck yea. show your love here too

ono made a comment saying if he got enough buzz about it, they could do something about it.

How about an HD remix of HD remix?

and thats what i’ve been saying. a sf game in 3d isnt the problem, its the character design.

tvc looks better than sf4 and i’ve yet to meet someone who thought otherwise. its possibe to make a 3d modled game look and feel 2d but it seems asthough capcom dont give a damn about what the fans want.

Isnt SFIV bascially SFEX2HDr?


Vampire Savior HD Remix plz?

Of all the FGs that need to make a comeback, it’s Darkstalkers.

Third Strike really doesn’t need it. It might not be HD but the visuals aged pretty decently.

I would like to see them do an HD Remix of MvC2 because it would be so amusing to watch them try to rebalance it.

Personally, I want an HD Remix of Alpha 3. That’s one of my favorite fighting games of all time.

But before any of this is done, Capcom better give me my Mega Man X9 all pimped out in SNES glory.

SF4 HD remix pleaze :stuck_out_tongue:



Would love to see a version done with HD Sprites. Doable, they stated in development it was designed that it could be ported to any system and the game mechanics would be 100% same no matter what. If not HD, a Sprite version on PS2 would be godly.

CvS2, that is all.

Street Fighter Alpha 2 engine + Street Fighter Alpha 3 upper roster + rebalanced custom combos + HD paintjob = sex.

x-men vs street fighter, infinite combos own

I’ll ride the next HDR’s dick hard, for sure. I’d love to see Alpha 3 re-done. Broken or not, you can’t fuck with that roster. And since it’s a Remix, they could fix what’s broken.

…I’d flip out if it was MvC2, though. Or CvS2. God damn, either of those would be too rad.


This x 10000000000000000000000000

Alpha 2 engine? Now there’s something I could get behind. I really don’t like Alpha 3…:confused:

Oooooooo MvsC2HDR is gonna be so freakin awesome hope they should also do a Street Fighter Alpha 3 HDR too