More help needed for spacing and zoning



i need some advise on what’s best to use on verticle jump for aa, and also why certain Ryus were able to hit me with jumping HP at range 2 (which is 2 or 2 and a half character away) even if i tried to AA with cHP. any other advise on spacing and zoning will also b appreciate :slight_smile:


Firstly, use shoryuken as an anti-air, you need to learn how to use the heavy shoryuken as an anti-air which takes a lot of time, and Ryu’s j.HP has A LOT of range on it and it is his best jump-in. Unless he is full-screen away or at range 4, he can get to you with it basically.

Also if you’re struggling against Ryu’s c.HP it is going to trade with any vertical jump AA unless you time it perfectly, but the best neutral jump AA is HK (or HP if you need to do it quickly)

But my advice to you is once you learn your ranges and are always aware of where you are, do NOT rely on normals as anti-airs, use dragon punches.


If he’s doing HP it’ll lose to HP uppercut if you do it correctly (input it so that you get the on the ground invincibility) Otherwise, I’d just teleport backwards or focus backdash or something to get away from the blow.


if do i cHP most of the time it’ll b trading hit which suck for akuma user


Uppercut, read: Shoryuken. Not c.HP.