--- more.hunger@thebreak mvc2/cvs2/st/3s results (1-11-4) ---

1st - justin wong
2nd - desmond pinkney
3rd - brandon deshields
4th - mike “infinite” idontknow
5th - nestor corchado
5th - julian robinson
7th - ed “the head” espino
7th - bryheem keys
9th - shawn morgan
9th - chris “matrix” ellis
9th - kevin smith
9th - mike “pungza” pun-something i can’t spell
13th - mathew (north ny) something
13th - phil “dsp” burnell
13th - john lee
13th - alex ngai
17th - robin “nibor” td
17th - pat
17th - justin “jericho” doughtery
17th - vinny
17th - alex “russian jew” monin
17th - dave turner
17th - mathew johnson
17th - phil “blacksyde” johnson
25th - kong
25th - hevad
25th - roberto
25th - andrew tang
25th - james “nightmare” sorge
25th - george
25th - orville dillon
25th - glorificuz

1st- justin wong
2nd- julian robinson
3rd- jeron greyson
4th- nestor corchado
5th- josh wong
5th- robin tucker-draub

1st- julian robinson
2nd- pete talley
3rd- john gordon
4th- justin wong
5th- philong nguyen
5th- kei chow

1st- john gordon
2nd- justin wong
3rd- ryo …cho
4th- kei chow
5th- robin td
5th- devin


  • yo, it’s snowing
  • there should be some nice $20 bills to myself and pungza for eliminating dsp from st and mvc2 respectively
  • bryheem cracks me up…
  • i got baited, i gave bryheem a buck to get a drink, he pockets it, and says he’s not hungry any more
  • bryheem almost robbed a charity cup, claiming “yo, i need this money more than those ribs”
  • offered leftovers, bryheem swayfully glides over as if he was skating for gold…
  • matrix: “look at phi, living in luxury; bathing everyday…”
  • i was nice and didn’t tempt jericho with 12 yr old girls again
  • no mvc2 team tournament, since there was an overwhelming (and late crowd) i do promise that the next team tournament will be on a bigger scale
  • more hilarious stuff happening tonight, but i’m too tired to remember everything
  • thanks to everyone who came out! hope to see everyone at breakdown 3

edit 1/17/04 posted mostly full results

Yo good shit to all my peoples that went to hold it down!!! Bryheem can indeed ALWAYS be counted on for a few laughs!!! Good shit to Brandon for getting third in MC2. Julian ,way to hold it down in CvS2 and ST.Don’t worry about it fellas, it’s going to be a long ride back to Philly but i PROMISE stress relief to the MAX at my Bach party:evil: :evil: !!! Those that know me know how i do:evil: .

if i have to play julian in winners and bryheem in losers again i’m just forfeiting out of the tournament this is a running joke that has gone on for too long :frowning:

josh you a bum

buy me a consolation prize with all that money i know you won off the eagles

Did anyone get my red parry on tape? It would be a damn shame if it wasn’t.

mvc2 teams

1st- justin wong “j-wo” (mag/cable/sent(a)
2nd- desmond pinkney “xecutioner” (sent/storm/commando,mag/cable/sent(a),sent/storm/cyke)
3rd- brandon deshields “demon hyo” (msp, mss(a), storm/ironman/sent, mag/ironman/sent)
4th- mike williams “infinite” (mag/cable/sent(a), sent/storm/commando)
5th- nestor corchado “sage” (sent/storm/commando, mag/cable/sent(a))
5th- julian robinson (cable/sent/geif, cable/doom/cyke, blackheart/cable/tron)

man, i got robbed in casual after you guys left…

was playing starbury in some matches, i had him one match and i decided to throw it away by getting too fancy w/ my storm resets on sentinel…

note to self, if i get sentinel in the ground infinite, DON’T TRY TO BE FUCKING FANCY, JUST KILL HIM

then in the last match we had before they turned the place off, I had him DEFEATED… but NO, just as I was about to hit the cyclops crossup and kill cable, they shut the fucking machine off…

i’ll get you next time…

WHERE’S MY FUCKNIG ASSIST!!!@ You know you liked that cyclops, he’s tricky. I just gotta stop playing dumb. Although I was happy with how i was blocking…then I played Infinite :’( …

i couldn’t block anything… oh well, it’s all for practice, im prolly coming down to CF this saturday, i’ll see what’s going down so i can get used to those sticks again and practice more with you guys, my actual blocking of magneto has inspired myself… but…infinite, stop hitting me!

Edit: Almost forgot why I posted. Well, I got work in 3 hours, so im just not gonna go to sleep. Im gonna do what I can before work with the matches, and the rest I’ll do after I get home from work. So hopefully everything will be up for download by the end of monday night.

what teams were used in cvs2?


Well heres my breakdown of the tournament.

1st.Julian Robinson-Vega
2nd.Pete Tally-Old Sagat/Bison
3rd.John Flash Gordon-Old Sagat/Honda
5th.Kei-Guile/Old Gief

Really good St tourny last night it was very enjoyable and poor at the same time.Some good matches like the one I had with Kei(even though I should have won that second game)good shit though.Flash and Pete had a good match as well.

1st.Justin K-Vega,Cammy,Blanka
2nd.Julian C-Blanka,Vega,Honda
3rd.Jeron A-Balrog,Cammy,Vega
4th.Nestor A-Sakura,Bison,Blanka
5th.Josh Wong A-Rolento,Blanka,Bison
5th.Nibor C-Cammy,Sagat,ChunLi

Good CVS 2 tournament.Once again props to Nestor and Josh Wong.Robin did his thing as well.CVS2 got a little twisted(litirally)at the end.
Me and Nestor were both in losers and had to play eachother.At that exact moment my arm and hand cramped up and I had a feeling of like needle pins in my hand,but being the stubborn individual that I am I just played.It actually started getting worse so I played one game and stopped.Me and Nestor did a little talking and decided to forfeit our match.
A little while later my hand and arm got back feeling,he had to leave so I advanced to fight Julian and got 3rd.As far as the match with me and Nestor goes,it never happened.
I really hope this doesnt happen in Cali,I have to see a chiropractor or someting:(

Man those bums didn’t cover the spread, line was 4 1/2.
looks like you need practice though, hit me up so we can get some matches in. I think yo need to nail down a definite team.

hahaha :lol: :lol:

FROM A GLANCE she looked at least 16…besides your sister is where it’s at :smiley:

2 most memorable moments of the night would have to be jwong’s sentinel impersonation and pungza actually saying hi to vince:lol:

Damn Jeron don’t fuck up ur arm just to play people lol.

Wish I had gone. I heard about the legendary yellow rice. This spic wants some man.

Dweller of the Night

Sounded like fun, wish I coulda went, hopefully I will be able to get there next time…

~Born to Play~

This is definently a good tournout. Flash, Marvelous, Xecutioner, Jeron, Julian, and Infinte…You’ve all done well, and followed through with the (E)mperial decree. The Empire is now poised for it’s journey to North Carolina. There you will all meet with Oldskool he will breif you on your mission. Also Red Scarlet is going with you. This will make a total of 7 of you. Let me know about housing. If not then I will make arrangements. Until then. Hail.

Now to address other business. I have heard of your deeds JetPhi. The Empire does not back out of it’s obligations. Please send your information to either my PM box on SRK, or emial them to EmpireArcadia@aol.com or Postmaster@EmpireArcadia.com. The currency will be sent express. Until then.


~Born to Play~

Mr. Robinson, I spoke to Jeron and he told me your situation. What he told you is exactly what I told him to tell you. Therefore, hold down your situation. The Empire has not forgotten you and we will do what we can to help you should you need it. Keep up the good work, it is good to hear from you again. Until then. Hail.

hey IM player here posting … first time entering in a real tourney, i sucked ass but i’m glad i came. peeps were really kool and friendly. i got to see major differences between casual and real matches. great experience. count me in for the next one…hopefully ill give u guys better comp. payce!

I think most people were happy to see me, just because they knew SOMEBODY had to knock me out of tournaments and win some money, haha.

As usual, a top-notch tournament. But I wouldn’t use that to describe my gameplay on Sunday. I pretty much played like crap all day, and any games I did win, I usually won by the skin of my teeth.

Now, because I’m a nice guy, I’m going to list all the people that beat me, because $20 should be coming their way:

MvC2 tournament: Mike “Pungza” Pungzajarit or whoever you spell his name, and Ed “the Head” Espino (beat me by b.s., but he beat me nonetheless)
ST: Phi and Julian Robinson

I didn’t enter anything else, but Shawn Morgan beat me twice in money matches. We played two sets of first to 5 wins, and he beat me 5-2 both times. Of all the games that went down this weekend, I think it was Shawn who impressed most people. He not only beat me twice LEGITIMATELY (not because of my hand or controls), but he beat Desmond in a money match set as well. On top of that, he’s a stand-up guy and one of the coolest players to hang with. I wish that CT could make it to the Break more often to play with players like Shawn. Anyway, $40 should be coming this guy’s way, because he beat me twice.

I think the most that I got out of the tournament was that, for the first time in a long time, it seems that most of the East Coast’s top players respect and are cool with each other. We used to constantly hate on each other and the East Coast was divided; but now we all have immense respect for each other, even during grudge/money matches, and it shows. I think we’re going to tear the hell out of the West Coast when we make the trip over there for Evolution this year, not as a group of individuals, but as a TEAM.

Except for Bryheem, of course. He’s still a dick.