--- more.hunger@thebreak mvc2/cvs2/st/3s results (1-11-4) ---

thanks for the props phil good shit yesterday…but yea i beat infinite for money not des…i just raped desmond by countering him on game during our money match set…cause thats what i do i rape people…j/k…i wish i woulda done better in the tourney though…i played pretty poorly…julian is too good i quit…anyways latterrrrrr

I promise I’ll do the videos tonight guys…

damn good tourney, phi…huge turnout too…it was like ecc all over again…hehe…btw, this is alex from boston…too bad the team tourney never happened but we all had a good time nonetheless…any chance of seeing full results?


hey genius, ever think of how julian is supposed to get this message? you think this message is gonna reach him by telegram or something?

Great tourney. Props to jetphi for running it as smoothly as possible. Atleast I didn’t go two and out this time like in CF, that would have been sad.
Played Shawn Morgan a couple of times in casual. Happy i got him some games with msp after he ended my santhrax streak last week at CF =P but haha, yeah, Shawn, your Sent owns my Msp for free. But yeah, his sent impressed me, kicked the shit out of my msp too often!
Gay gay gay, i’ve played ppl that counter my msp with scrub orsanthrax, but omg, lolz, i didn’t even no where to start onhow to beat friggin julian’s colossus cable tron. Desmond gave me some advice, and er, should have taken it, lolz, too many storm resets on colossus, hehe, eventually ppl block them =X blah, and i missed a snapback.
Got a lucky win off of Desmond. Took me forever to get in on his sent. But then after that lucky win, hehe, i’m guessing Desmond decided to play for real and fuck me up the next two games. Good shit Desmond. Maybe one day i’ll learn how to beat sentinel’s with msp =X

Hope to see everyone at the Feb CF tourney.

Re: Julian.

~Born to Play~

Yeah…this genius already told Jeron to tell Julian just incase he doesn’t get the message on SRK, because I haven’t seen him on in a long time. I just put it there just to make sure that one of messages reaches him. Example…being the genius that you are and you have read this, as a kind citizen maybe you would deliver this to him. Oh…but wait…maybe anyone of Julian’s friends would do that. Being that they are suppose to be his friend.

Re: Re: Julian.

i’m his friend but i really dont think he wants to hear any of that shit. while youre all talking about gaming missions hes tryin to raise a kid. but try telling him in person next time cuz i know you know he doesnt have a computer. you just use any opportunity you can to be post something queer online.

yea that happened to me 2x too but what can you do

Sup everybody, that was a fun tournament sunday. I am glad I could enjoy myself before I started college.:smiley:

I don’t know when I will be free to do another tournament again, but I will try and make it to march madness.

The funniest scene’s of the night was when bryheem was at the chinese store stealing that platter, and then running off into josh’s car with it. Plus, when josh pointed out the “homies” doll’'s in that 25 cent machine hahaha!

Also, when justin, myself, and many other’s started having a royal rumble in the chinese store:lol: Man that was crazy, but funny.

Anyway’s good times everybody, hope to do it again sometime.

Oh, and there is nothing like a car ride home with bryheem, or a trip to anyplace. He is too funny, nobody is funnier than Bryheem.:lol: Ask him about the taking a dump out of Josh’s car window, and it flying on a driver’s winshield. Then, channel 6 news would cover the story.:lol:

Congrats X/j-wo/brandon in mvc2 as well as all who placed in the other games.

one of those was me :D…i was thinking of choosing another team but santhrax is the only team im comfortable using…props on your mag/juggs team…hehe…

haha it’s cool i don’t even play mvc2 seriously all about the boring games like cvs2

oh yea i don’t think juggernaut is that good just people don’t know what to do i just use it to keep them in block so they can’t protect their assist then hit some random fp rp super for 70% on the assist

ecc… oh boy… hehe

anyway, yeah, i’ll try to post the full results of marvel and maybe the rest of the tournaments soon or this weekend. possibly tomorrow if i get snowed in from going to work, but not likely :smiley:

Re: Re: Re: Julian.

~Born to Play~

… (Deep breath) Let’s take this from the top. Whatever personal shit you have against me, drop it. To be very honest with you, knowing that Julian didn’t have a computer is news to me. Thank you for that information. I “ACTUALLY” was ignorant to that information. I really didn’t know, so now I see where you are coming from when you said that I should find another way to tell him. However it still doesn’t remove the fact that a friend of his could carry the information to him. Also, don’t go spreading his personal business online. That was the purpose of the message telling him to take care of his personal shit, and that we understand that he has more inportant things to do than the Empire right now, however we will do whatever we can to help him.

I know you don’t like me Josh, personally neither one of us gives a shit. So stop looking for a reason prove your dislike for me. Look a little deeper and you will understand, I am not the guy you think me to be. Until then.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Julian.

nobody said i didnt like you. you fly people for free to play videogames thats great. but you dont have to talk like a 6 year old kid playing war. why dont you just tell jeron to tell julian on the phone. i gave jeron his phone number a while ago so i know hes got it. no beef i think you talk gay. thats all.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Julian.

:lol:Straight to the point:lol:

BTW, TFGM, please get rid of the power glove.

I do?

Also, I already spoke to Jeron yesterday and we did just what you said. No hard feelings. We all have opinions, like we all have you know what. Until then.

Re: Re: Re: Julian.

hahahahahhaha…Man, if that dood said anything like that to julien in person, julien would be SO fukking confused. Julien don’t speak nerdling and queer. He only knows throw and win.

mostly full results are up. mostly, because i’d rather not decypher it at this point :wink:
but mostly everyone’s there :slight_smile:

Re: Re: Re: Re: Julian.

I find this a pretty fucking funny quote, for a number of reasons.