More In Fight Interactions Plz


One of the things I really liked in SFIV was when you had a Rival match, and the two characters would say shit to each other. Anybody else feel this would be great in EVERY match? Sure, some of the one liners they would say would possibly get on your nerves after awhile, but no more than hearing HADOUKEN 80 times a fight, or THIS PLACE SHALL BECOME YOUR GRAVE!

on a similar note, more people need to use headsets when they play. Online SF4 is sooooo quiet :frowning:


Play BlazBlue, the characters there talk way more shit than any of the SF4 rival matches. It’s kind of repetitive, but some of the shit they say is pretty funny.


I talked trash and got bad reviews.

“100% Avoidance”

“33% Trash talk”
"33% Unsportsmanship"
and somehow “33% leaves early”

I have 0 disconnects!

Man, people really over-react, just because I tell you your Sakura is awful and you should quit the game doesn’t mean you have to get all butt-hurt. Train harder scrubs.


i’ve been trying to find Blazblue for almost a month now. No EB’s, Blockbusters, Walmarts, or even Toys R Us has it, and I hate ordering shit off the net

true story: When I first got SFIV, I started using Seth a lot, and got a SHITLOAD of complaints. Enough that I got a week long ban from Live. I called up MS, complained aboot how I couldnt’ be banned cuz all my info says “Code of Conduct” and I never used my mic while playing SFIV at the time, and I got some french dickwad who told me “maybe you’re too good” before hanging up on me :frowning:


Haha that sucks man.


I love trash talking in a silly way but some people take it seriously anyway and end up giving fake negative reviews about leaving early etc…Shame :frowning:
By trash talking in a silly way…I mean stuff like screaming HADOUKEN OF JUSTICE or SPINNING BIRD KICK TO THE SPIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I I I I IIIIIIIIINE down the mic.


I don’t converse with anyone unless I know them personally. I don’t see the point of trash talk or even small talk like ‘Hey what’s up?’ with people you just met.

I do trash talk with my friends though, better parts of SFIV online.



I still can’t believe you can get another player temp banned from a subscription-based service just by complaining about them. Such an ugly system.


i get a lot of negative feedback because i use the angry face before every match.
that makes me a poor sport, a cheater and a disconnector according to my file.


Almost all serious competitive games on XBL makes people get negative reviews. Halo 3, Gears of War 2, COD, now SFIV. I got all the way down to 13% favored me, with over 50% in over aggressive (its a fighting game, how can I be over aggressive?) but now I am back up to 19%!