More input lag with V-sync turned on... help!


Why do I experience more input lag when I have V-sync turned on in the game? If I have it turned off, I cant notice the input lag at all.

I have tried forcing it on with triple buffering in the graphic card settings in windows turning it off in the game but it didnt seen to help.

Its clearly noticable playing online, but less noticeable offline.

Is there a way to fix this? Why is this happening?

V-sync on FORCES each frame to be fully rendered before rendering the next frame. If it’s off, it’ll stop half-way through drawing a frame to draw the next one. That’s why you see the line with V-sync turned off.

Forcing it to draw a frame before moving on to the next one is what’s causing the lag. It’s video lag, not input lag.

As far as online vs. offline, you’re adding internet connection lag to your video lag. :stuck_out_tongue:

What video card do you have? I would imagine getting a better one would allow you to run the game at 60fps w/ v-sync. You know you can turn on a FPS counter in SFIV for the PC (assuming that’s what you’re talking about). How many FPS do you get and do you see it fluctuating or steady?

Don’t forget about the frame rate setting that is set to variable on default when it really should be set to fixed.

When I play SF4 on my laptop, I have V-sync on (I hate screen tearing) and the frame rate sometimes dips from 60 to as low as 30 but I never feel any input lag because I have the frame rate set to fixed.

Im using a ENGTX275, I have 60 fps all the time with everything on maxed settings, and frame rate set to fixed. I also tried set the pre rendered frames to 0 in the nividia control panel but not sure if it helps, I might just be imagining things… but its something that’s troubling me.

Does it make a difference if you have high or low MS on your monitor? mine has 12, some have 6, some have 3, or 2, not sure if there is anyone with 0 but I think I saw one, samsung, somewhere.

response time normally has nothing to do with input lag, but jesus your eyes might just might melt off with 12ms, thats pretty bad. The response time has more to do with ghosting and how smooth moving images look, at 12 ms you might as well covered your screen in grease.