More jerks on ggpo


I’ve been using ggpo to play super turbo for a while and have just started using it to play 3s. However, I’ve noticed that the level of dickhead on ggpo keeps increasing over time :tdown: I mean seriously, is there any reason at all for people to be just straight up assholes when they’re playing 3s? Is it solely because of the fact that its online? I would play offline, but they removed the 3s machine at the nearest location :lame: Its really frustrating to try to get into a game only to be turned off to it cuz some internet clown wants to talk shit. /rant


the better players on there arent like that at all…you just happen to be on when ppl can be dicks…players like exo-tech, BlaQ_SRK, GREEK, RPD Rookie, kenuran, nataku, myself, and others are all cool ppl to play against…but if other players act like assholes just ignore them or make fun of them to see them get angry lol just ask for advice from some of these players if you want to get better and they should be able to help you up your game


just get to know the good/serious players on ggpo and play them only. Most people on ggpo are noobs or internet clows like you said.

look for guys like stated above, theres also myself, ShinAkuma, KaraOk, 3rdnoobster.

Just stick to fighting good players like these so you get better. Dont waste your time fighting noobs they wont up your game

one good thing though is if you fight someone and the person sucks to much to up your game you can just ragequit after you beat him and find someone better


dont do the last part though thats not nice :rolleyes:

at least say ggs when your done…but in all seriousness look for the players mentioned and they are sure to help you out…if the person is a jerk to you then just ignore it and move on to the next player who’ll most likely be better and much nicer


i disagree whit nica K.O
online 3s players only sucks …seriously …lag tactics …dash>grab or ticks/overhead stuffs …only work well because is the delay …of course some people understand this …but others talk a lot of shit and only play online


This coming from the SELF PROCLAIMED best necro in the world…

While I’m at it, you’ve been speaking english ever since you started at srk, yet it hasn’t improved in all this time… Is there a reason for that?


yea right lol the “BEST” necro in the world…pfft play other ppl man


Guys forgot to add beast123 and ryu4481 to that list.
Still waiting for the showdown between bodler and beast123.


making fun of someones english is fucking wack.

i think he was implying best necro online? who cares. online isnt even real 3s.


I just thought it’d get better after 4 or 5 years of speaking it. I wasn’t trying to make fun of him for that, I was just curious. Making fun of the fact that he knows a language more then me would be retarded, sorry if it looked that way.

That was from the “3s pros on GGPO?” Thread. That’s what I was refering to with my previous comment


right now the best necro in ggpo is Blaq_SRK and thats that.

Im still looking for a beasting alex, never fought one good alex on ggpo :crybaby:


i not get better because talk your english is maybe my last priority…i only need talk english here and i think you are so rude …when a tourist go to my country …i do every shit for help him …some times i try talk english whit him or try understand when he talk spanish…other people do same shit you do …they hit tourist (racist people) or ignore like they can’t understand basic english

…but this not matter i know now is a waste of time talk whit you because you always try joke me whit shit outside the game…when you do good argument about the game …talk about me

pd:5 years …wtf i play 3s like 4 years.


so apparently there are a lot of uriens on ggpo
i only faced a few lol
there’s a shitload of kens tho

and yea, ignore the assholes, just play the friendly ppl lol


it seems like ALL the assholes from kailera finally spilled over into 2DF and GGPO


Nah, since LBR mentioned it I really should have PMed the question about your english, I realize it wasn’t something I should’ve said publicly. That was my fault for not thinking before posting, and I really didn’t mean to make fun of you for it. The fact that I can understand you clearly means you know it well enough.

I’m sure you’re a nice guy and all and I didn’t mean to insult you, but I still did find the comment about being the “worlds best necro” hilarious.

Anyway, I was out of line, and I apologize for it.


“i am the best necro player in the world” is like a seriously joke…of course i don’t know …maybe i am the best maybe not (because i can’t play vs USA players in ggpo) the only shit i can tell and is true …i know so really much about necro …if you want make this question to balq …i talk whit him about necro so much and he is really amazed whit the shits i know…of course this not make me a good player …i can only prove this playing.
but really …if any guy have answers about necro (match ups/mix ups/tricks/footsie …etc) …only contact me


Blaqs Necro is on the downslope right now. My Necro is better at the moment. (and I already busted him up in a recent mirror)


I play ggpo for practice if I cant go to the arcade. My ggpo name is KaizenStrife play me when you guys see me im not that good but I want to get better


yesterday i watch your necro (i am young hou on ggpo)… you are good .but you not know so much stuff (for example you not know necro vs dudley glitch) i not say “i am better” but i know more about necro …if you want info about necro contact me
gg to watch


Hi, this is karaOK, nice to see a thread about ggpo here.
I"d have to say I played the best necro ->(Blaq_SRK) and Sean (bodler) on ggpo…never had a chance to fight a good sean/necro offline.
good shit!