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edit: goddamn i got neg repped for this


OMG an 09er hacked his account and posted this thread!

lol don’t mind me…



EDIT: wait, so this guy is a '05’er with a lot of rep (and probably posts too), so why with such a long history–just from this post (give or take)–has he been banned? Seems a little odd to me. No one thinks his acc’s been hacked or pw-theft?


he was banned for posting a link to a picture of some muscular woman(with a face of a guy photoshopped) riding a guy at a gym… its a thread dissing justin’s abel if im not mistaken.

so yeah, abel haters went to such extreme. maybe account got hacked etc who knows but he definitely didnt get banned because of this thread LOL

im pissed that i got negged before he got banned lol