More matches from me, would like even more criticisms


I mean comments on my performance and stuff. I tried to apply the advise you guys gave me in the thread I made last time.

June 1 2012, casuals were held in Gamers Lounge HD in Sherwood Place, Taft Ave., Manila, Philippines.

Entire playlist of most matches can be found but I’ll pick out the ones that are of good note. Namely, my matches and the matches of 2 other good players here.

First match of the day, so both of us were acting pretty borked. Yeah this is the same guy I battled before, the Wolverine-Mag-Nova team.
So many mistakes from both of us here. I can’t even start to point out all of them.
Notable moments here though were my first time actually executing my custom Ammy combo that uses Felicia’s Sand Splash. I think I also pulled off Ammy infinites here, I don’t remember.

Now this guy I battle next, I will admit, kinda sucks. He’s generally slow and is pretty pringles to a lot of things. His offense isn’t optimal and improvement is necessary for him…
…so it losing to him made me feel so bad about myself. You know that feel of losing to players that aren’t as good as you right? Ergh.
Notable things I did here would simply be the Felicia + Hiryu pressure.

Battling against who was probably the best player in there that time, I fortunately won against him in a best of 5 set, going 3-1.
Good Zero and Strange alert. We may have just found the best Zero in the Philippines.
You can see how much I shifted my playstyle to be more defensive here because I seriously don’t want to get hit by his Zero. He knows how to do Lightning Loops well, so I made it a point that he doesn’t get that on me. He has this custom combo which utilizes Dante assist (wait, that isn’t really custom at all).
His Strange is scary too. XF2 even makes it better. He makes so many good judgements and rarely drops his combos.
His Dante, although good in execution as well, seems to lack mixups and relies too much on Helm Breaker->Hammer. It does not help that Dante isn’t really a good anchor compared to others.
Felicia vs. Zero here was basically a case of who gets a clean hit first, so expect a lot of fishing in this.

This was actually the first match of the Team matches. You can clearly see here my lack of experience fighting Hulk. You have no idea how relieved I was when he switched his team. Went 3-2 against him in a best of 5 set.

Another of the team matches, against the next notable player in the field. Aptly called the Philippine Tron, he is known for having a team that rotates around Tron while still packing top tiers at the back.
His Tron is good and is just being held back by her low-tier capabilities. I basically avoided the arms of the Gustaff so much that I didn’t have problems with the Tron at all. His Magneto however is also one thing to fear. He has this sick mixup and setups with Magneto combined with Tron and Wesker. Most notably, he seems to be the only one I’ve seen so far who does tri-dash j.H->fly->j.S for double overhead.
Having anchor Wesker is one thing, but actually being good with him is another. He has the best anchor Wesker that I’ve seen here so far.


Another match with the same guy I said above that needs improvement. I don’t remember this match anymore and I didn’t watch it yet, but I must say he drops a lot of stuff with his Spencer. Too much.

So yeah…

Aside from my matches, do look at the matches of Rice Boy (Zero/Strage/Dante) and TXO C+F (Tron/Magneto or Raccoon/Wesker). I’m not trying to brag, but me being able to outsmart them at times makes me feel good about myself. Sooo happy that I’m actually improving.

Generally, about my own comments on myself:

Lesser and smarter use of Vajra assist now, and my Strider doesn’t suck as much as it did last time (I think), though I could be wrong so please feel free to criticize me.

I don’t understand how I still drop Felicia BnBs too many times. TOO MANY TIMES. That’s the one thing that frustrates me about myself.

Though in fairness, Cat Spike L->s.L works and not Cat Spike L->c.L despite c.L and s.L having only a 1 frame difference, so the timing with her really is strict all around.

Your turn to criticize me guys. Fire away at what stuff I need to improve on


I’m too tired at the moment to watch more than a couple vids, but I chose the first one and the one against the Zero/Strange/Dante guy. I think you’re a solid player, but I found some prevalent tendencies that cost you a few matches. Before I start, I want to remind you that this is all for your benefit. Don’t take any of this the wrong way. :slight_smile:

First and foremost, really tone down that Strider assist. It’s a great assist, don’t get me wrong, but there are two problems. You’re consistently failing to convert from both grounded and air hits, and you’re just throwing it out (often even on wakeup) like it has invincibility.

You have access to arguably the best utility lockdown assist in the game (Cold Star), so make sure you give that one a little love too. I see you use it, but not as much as Strider. Keep in mind that Cold Star should be used over Vajra almost anytime you’re within range. That being said, make sure you can cover your assist calls. Prime example is at 9:36 in the first video, where you put out assists without backing them up and it lost you the match, and very quickly at that.

There was a large number of weird stuff that I could only really chalk up to an executional error, like ending a blockstring with a snapback or Felicia :qcf::h:~:h:. I’ll leave that alone because again, it’s probably execution-related. I don’t think you ever intended to do a full screen random snapback against someone who was superjumping. :stuck_out_tongue:

Another thing is that with Ammy, don’t be afraid to grab/airgrab. There were so many oppotunities, and when you did actually grab, you didn’t convert. Just something to keep in mind.

Also, for the record, that Strange was terrible. :rofl: He’s a weird character to play against, so it creates the illusion that he’s good, but that was really poor. He didn’t play Strange. He played Cr.L. :wink:

Sorry if I was a little harsh, but during the typing of this I had a little argument in real life that’s making me want to strangle a kitten. It was tough love or a kitten.


Watched a little of each match. What I saw was some execution errors and lack of experience of certain match ups, like against the Strange player. A lot of your bad calls were probably due to not knowing what Strange in a match; same goes with the Hulk player. It look like you were swinging thinking you can beat out the s.H (happens to me all the time) but all that will improve with time. Gotta use cold star more, I think that will improve your offense with Felicia. I watched your other video from your first thread and these were a lot better, you are defiantly getting somewhere with that team. Just keep at it, use that cold star for pressure, and work on your execution.


Yep, all execution related lolol

Hm, you think so? I don’t really know much about Strange so yeah.

You weren’t at all, actually

I’ve been training myself to do these more. I really want to utilize Cold Star in a 50/50 with Vajra instead of a 10/90…

lol unless you were hiding a sarcastic post, the word you’re looking for is ‘definitely’ :stuck_out_tongue:


This looks more of a brag thread than a “help me” thread.

You’re a solid player in many ways, especially your decision making. Combo drops happen to everyone and for many reasons that are beyond the player control…practicing is always a good idea even if you’re extremely good, but I wouldn’t say combo drops are a problem for you.


It’s neither. ._.

I dunno, there are a lot of times I lose just because I can’t convert and finish my plate. Fortunately, many times my opponents in the vids above also kept dropping their combos, but if I wanna get to high level play, I’d rather that my execution be spot on.

It’s frustrating because since I don’t have easy access to other players + the game itself, I spend so much time practicing in the lab only to keep dropping stuff come match time… T_T


This explains the sudden spike in views in my channel. lol!


Your Felicia makes my whole team look bad :frowning: scary stuff.


Oh LOL you :))

Also last one:

Epic drop at 2:30 >_<

Oh and the only one time I pull off Felicia’s infinite lol


Lmao, definitely didn’t mean that. I type most of my posts on my iPod, so I must have typed it wrong and it got corrected.


Be nice to my Strange, he has a hard time adjusting to new matchups. He’s never fought Felicia, the Dog, nor Strider. :frowning:


My apologies. Terrible was harsh, but given the skill of your Zero you probably just had a rough set. I respect most Stranges anyway, but I could tell you were confused.

awwwwkward LOL but yeah. Also keep in mind that I play an aggressive Strange, so seeing passive ones (which are perfectly fine too) makes me make assumptions that likely aren’t true. Cr.L is a great hit confirm, so again there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just that in general, you should zone with Dante assist to set up EoA and some glyphs or whatnot.

Again, my apologies for being a bit insensitive; that was one of the first things I wrote after my mini-crisis IRL. Friends? :smiley:


It’s all good dude, you didn’t disrespect me in any way, so we’re good. On that team, Strange is mainly used as an assist character to support the main character, which is Zero (Bolts of Ballsack is like, Zero’s favorite assist). But when he’ s out, I’d have to resort to cheap keep away (EoA, push it, teleport guessing game, same with GoH). I was definitely hella scared and confused when Strange was out during that match. Yes I do like to abuse c.L, for it is Strange’s best confirm into IP. I do have an agressive Strange though on my Strange team, which is Strange/Dante/Magneto, but I am still working on it. Strange is a completely different character with two assists backing him up. I know how much Strange sucks (come on, admit it ^-^) but I’m loyal enough to keep using him, and I like the character himself. Been using him since day one of UMvC.


I see, glad to bump into another faithful Strange. I refuse to succumb to the thought that Strange is C-Tier, but I do admit he’s quite bad. I’ve been using Strange since day 1 as well, and have used him on this team since around a month in. He may suck, but he is the most fun you’ll ever find in a technical character. Besides, he’s got that shiny swag that made me like him as soon as his trailer was released.