More NEBRASKA results

In case anyone cares…

1-Ricky Ortiz
4-Jake from MO

1-jason nelson
2-Mike watson
4-Jason Wilson

3s team-

there are a slew of other results, but I am tired. CYA

Someone said something about an MK5 tourney???

If there was an MK5 tourney, I would have won.

I know you and Shirts are the MK masters, but don’t tell me you’ve mastered this game already…:o

wilson why are nebraska ppl posting wack results and info to your tourney. if you were the tourney head, your post is the one to peep…

is it true that team ricky/nelson/buktooth beat all the jap teams in cvs2 team? to take 1st place in cvs2 team.

realplayer i dont know who you are, but get gen out of your avatar bro. i run gen @ cf.

brip, I dunno, let em post.

Yes, buktooth team beat INo team, but our team (watts, me, and lonelyfighter) was only team to beat buktooth team, we won 2-1, three way tie for first, and I got moped in r4 vs r4 matches vs Ino and Nelson.

DreamTR: IS there any way that I can have a complete listing of the people that entered 3s and the placings of each one of them?? thanks bro!

Anything you say guy.
Removing it PRONTO.

Wilson was kind enough to give my brother the brackets for 3s. I’ll have “DBA” post full results when he has time…

aHEM :evil:


…wilson post some more official n6 results, like 3s single… dont make me call the w hotel and tell them to count their blankets.

not that this is the right place, but to all you “ctf” chesterfields :
know that a3 is like 5yrs old…
i’ve been playing it nearly that long at cf, freesytle v without learning jack, and havent seen you.
so dont make me get henry to throw another a3 tourney as i doubt you could beat nibblers v-cody…
now go back to your homesystems you dreamcast kiddies.

If I would have known you played MK5 I would have had a few matches with you. I can play a good Kitana and Kung Lao:p Maybe next time then.

Wison,please post here and tell me if Ricky was in the CvS2 tourny or not. Some ppl say he was some say he wasn’t. I was running the GGXX tourny,so I didn’t see anything. Thanks. Gald you made it back safe. IM me when you are not busy:)

I’m just surprised to hear that a Japanese guy got 2nd place in the MvC2 tournament.

I mean, that’s like an American coming in second at a 3rd Strike tournament in Japan.

Chikyuu rules. Did he use any crazy characters like he tends to in the other fighting games, or was it more top-tier play?

He used my Casual team (which, in retrospect, I should have used in Tourney play) - Cable/Sentinel/SonSon. Blast it, tell me SOMEONE saw me pwning with her prior to the tourney!

queen of bat,

nebraska results posted by you and that jon guy are hella broken.
if you picked ricky up at the airport, and droped him off at like 8pm. then you know that there is no way ricky could have entered? or even played in losers.

ps - art will prob still be jobless when you come here, so your chances are good for him staying with you, as his dad Will kick him out. would you like me to send you photos of art. he likes to eat fruit.

interesting thing to call me by the way:rolleyes:

I just wanted to prove to somone that didn’t believe me that Ricky didn’t play. I knew he didn’t.

As for Art, wtf are you talking about??":wtf:

:mad: Who are you anyway? I think you should stay out of other ppls bussiness.