More newbie friendly: SSF4 or MvC3?


Sup guys, I get annoyed at times trying to learn SSF4 due to 1 frame links. To be entirely realistic I don’t think I care to get them down. I do a majority of my play online on the PS3 and it is seemingly pointless with my connection.

With MvC3 around the corner I may jump on it. But before I potentially waste money on it, I want to know how does the timing execution for combo’s in MvC3 compare to SSF4.

Is it more lenient? I originally didn’t like the prospect of MvC due to the whole versus style being too chaotic and not as fun to watch as a spectator (at least for me). BUT if I don’t need to deal with stupid short windows of time needed for executing essential combo’s, I’m all for it.


Yeah, as far as Marvel 2 goes, SSF4 is basically a giant red button that says “MASH ME!” and a joystick

At least talking about execution level needed for a lot of the stuff, like ROM infinites, unfly/refly combos, etc.

MvC3 is anybodies guess, theres way more chains which masks the fact that there is really hard stuff to learn eventually. But you won’t need those really hard combos in MvC3 any more than you need 1 frame links in SSF4 either.


We won’t know how easy it is until we play the game. This thread is several days too early.


Its a cop out response to say no ones knows since MvC3 is not out.

I know its not out, but based on MvC2 which has been out for quite some time how does the system work. Yes there is flashy things in the the third installment but the foundation will be the same.


It probably won’t be revolved around links like SF… i played TvC and it’s just button after button… the only thing I find hard about crossovers is making long combos (which is what you will probably need to know if you want to enjoy or win at the game).


I’m going to have to lean towards Uber Street Fighter IV(since MvC 3 isn’t out for general consumption).


The VS series games don’t really rely on a link system for basic bnb combos, instead preferring the general rule of thumb known as a magic series. Light -> Medium -> Heavy being a general(not always accurate) way of knowing how certain normals combo.

To put it in concrete terms: It’s very easy to do something like an overhead, into an :l::m::h:-> :s:, into an air series into hyper or something. The window for executing stuff at that level of play is much easier than SFIV. The timing on simple stuff like that is very lax in comparison to 1frame links. While the basics of the game start off very simple, if the comments from Seth Killian are any indication, the complexity of execution grows quickly as you discover the full extent of what each individual character/assisted combo/whatever can do.

If you are not planning on advancing to high level play of MvC3(using MvC2 as a benchmark) and just rely on the basic most combos at your disposal (which can be pretty damaging on their own), you will find it easier. If you plan on taking your game to the next level and finding all the nasty resets, possible infinites, and all that jazz that will be vital for competitive playing, you will probably find it harder. I’m by no means a pro player, but I have played fighting games for a very long time, and that’s the impression that I get from playing MvC2/SFIV/TvC and following MvC3 very closely since its announcement.

Whether this is actually good info or me talking out of my ass remains to be seen on the 15th and beyond.


SF4 has shortcuts and is extremely masher friendly, sf4 series is one of the most noob friendly fighting games out there.