More Normal links, No CS! What do you want form us!

so we’re losing the TK CSt, It’s quite sad. I know a lot of you like myself have slaved day and night to perfect it like Sako and all of our other idols in the cammy business. We’re getting more normal links to (if someone could tell me what those are that’d be awesome). But, my question to you guys is how are you going to change your play style now that they are fooling with the mix up queen?

Well as a pad cammy tkcs on command can be hard sometimes. I assume the big cammy brains will get to work asap and find out all her new combos if her normals are really better. Maybe you can cancel into HSA on the last short without the pause. I have utmost problems doing her bnb sometimes. I think its going to cause a problem if you cannot do dive kicks from lower heights though. I know I like to jump and do strikes pretty early in my jumps to mess with people.

None the less people will revolt.

I probably won’t change my playstyle. I’ll just pick up Rufus.

I’m pretty sure that what they been by “easier normals” is that you won’t have to remember 5+ different combos, and she’ll simply have 2-3 good combos that work on everyone. Same damage, same links, they might improve her hitboxes slightly for such a purpose, which wouldn’t be bad.

But no TKCS is sad.

or yun lulz.

same except most likely yang LOL

yea I figured I’d play as yang as well, perhaps they don’t want her to have the best dives

cammy got easy combos already. shes never short of combos.

how easy do you want her combos to be!

well maybe this will be possible like, c.lp,, hsa :nono: ?? i highly doubt it

Really… don’t expect new combos or better links. It would have been reported on the japanese wiki, it’s a player that doesn’t play Cammy who thought her normals were easier to combo. Cammy mainers would have reported that if that were true.

lmao, so true.

Yun has epic dive kicks bro. You should join the rest of us going to yun when we revolt.

riduculous. thats all I can think. this is the first im hearing, most of the changes sounded like buffs to me, except blanka’s, but gd to tkcs, what the hell have i been working so hard for over the last month.
I’ll probably go back to gouken

so does anyone know if we can still do delayed TKCS
or if her sako combos will connect on everyone (holding breathe diligently)
or when this bs is supposed to happen

It’s already been reported that Yun / Yangs dive kicks are not on the level Rufus, sadly.

EDIT: Nevermind, now the info says that Yun IS the same as Rufus.

Sako was a Yun player in 3s, if he switches to Yun in SSF4 I’ll do the same thing I think. :bandwagon:

probably hsa being shorter with 2 hits… then probably c.hp,, hsa works on everyone now… except that slut called Juri :rofl:

which is the same report as “easier combos”… they could be reporting the same thing :rofl:

but C’MON capcom there are alternatives to that combo… we can easily use msa instead… or standing far mp into hsa… she’s got so many combos that its easy to find an alternative…

that doesnt compensate losing TKCS not 1 bit.

Sako combo extended or regular version does not work on some characters (most) without the initial TKCS… i wouldnt burn meter for that i’d rather save it to have the option of FADC Ultra… its not like we have a second decent ultra to rely on…

U2 is freaking useless 95% of the time… wait, make that 99% of the time :rofl:


Will probably main Chun-Li (unless they throw Karin in the game - would never happen) though the only character I play is Cammy. No shotos. No grapplers. Just one of the tiniest characters in Street Fighter all night.

Even if Capcom were the ones who tied Cammy’s army boots on, they sure did a hell of a job stepping on them by nerfing her TKCS.

… I’ll forgive them if they bring back Shadowloo Cammy.

I’m playing sakura here and there now just for the lulz, but since i mained yun in 3s i’m going to once again be maining him.

It’s just extremely sad that she’s losing her tkcs and i think i heard it is from the apex of her jump when she can do it, seriously that’s just terrible. Might as well nerf rufus’s dive kicks too.

From loctest reports, there is no minimum height requirement to do Cannon Strike, so that means we can still do quick Cannon Strikes as long as the jump is executed first.

The change was they removed the ability to get TKCS by buffering the qcb before the foward jump. Command-wise, it now functions like shotos’ air Tatsu.

Yea either way tho, it still takes away from the majority of us cammy mainers pressure game.

Not 100%. Quick jump cannon strike puts consistent pressure on people.

TCKS is a educated guess in most matchups.