More or less the same on stick so far



Just got my stick and I’m roughly the same on it as the keyboard is there any combo or linking guides I’ve spent hours on one combo and still can’t do it. I can do a tatsu after close st. hp or cr hp but after that I can do nothing, I have like 5 times in an hour done a HP after the first tatsu. Occasionally offline I can do cr lp > cr hp > h. dp .

I can always do jump hp > cr hp > ex dp or hp dp. Which seems decent it’s just below some of the better non tatsu loop combos and is all on one button for barbarians like me. But it’s pretty shitty because it requires a jump in. I can do her ground combo that has a sweep or pushes you back out with MK to a somewhat safe location.

No matter what though I’m stuck what do you recommenced should I watch some more chrisG and alex myers? Any other linking resources I may be missing out on?

Are the Trials worth it? Will they make me better?

I started Sakura offline before I realized there was a bunch of pros that play her, but shes still my favorite even though she is popular.

Just can’t link at all or do long high damage combos. If I could do long damaging combos I am certain I could win more fights and be better at the game because I am able to get people within a short combo of damage left quite often who have way more experience with the game than me or just are natural at long combos.

My stick is Sanwa square gate JLF with Sanwa buttons.

That said though the stick has a quality responsiveness to it and I feel like I have a tool that can go faster than a keyboard.


Nobody is a natural at doing long combos especially not in street fighter, it just looks that way because you didn’t see the countless of hours of practice they put in before they could even land one rep of said combo. So don’t be discouraged if you can’t land them right away. Anyway a basic advice for linking is, set the dummy to auto block ( if you havent already) then practice the combo, if the dummy blocks you did the move to slow if it doesnt come out you did it too fast.

As for what combos you can do I want to refer you to this guide Sakura Beginner Guide, New to Sakura? Come Here! Now updated with Notes, Tips, and Video Tutorial!


The following might sound abrasive, but it’s not my intention.

Firstly, doing the trials won’t make you better at doing tatsu loops, and watching match videos of top players wont help at all.

Secondly, how good are you with combos already? Even if you have no interest in the character, are you able to consistently do Ryu’s cr.LP, st.MK xx Hadouken or something of similar (low) difficulty? If you can’t do that I’d try to get that down so that you know what it feels like to learn a combo.

Next, from your description I’d assume that the reason you can do j.HP, cr.HP xx HP Shou is that you’re really just mashing the HP button and wiggling the stick once you hit the j.HP. If that’s the case, stop. If not, my apologies.

Finally, when you start learning a complex combo it’s rarely a good idea to start with the more difficult variations first. Start with a looser link - I’d go with a combo like j.HK (or HP if you really insist), st.HP xx LK tatsu to begin with, and once you can do that consistently and correctly then add on a st.LK xx EX tatsu link (note: to make this easier when you first try it in training mode you can just do LK xx LK tatsu to get a feel for the timing without having to worry about changing buttons, but it doesn’t actually combo) to the end, and stick with that until you can do it in matches without thinking. Then when you’re ready to move on to cr.HP links make sure you learn to plink as well.

If you run into a problem specifically with the 1f link I have a technique that works well for learning timings, but I’m not going to post it now because I’m reasonably sure you’re not at that level just yet.

(also, remember to practice both sides and without starting from a jump-in as well)


I had auto block on in training, but I often put fight request on just to learn all the attacks of all new characters ect. I think it’s time to turn it off again though.

I forgot to list that I can do cr lk > cr lp > cr hp > h dp. Listed it wrong above sorry.

Honestly I play Ryu a lot especially the first day I built the stick just to practice but I have never looked at his combos, I just do ones that I can find like fwd hp > H dp. or lp lk lp h dp.

I will look into trying some of Ryu’s longer combos. Thanks for the insight :smiley:

Also that beginner guide is the one I was using for the combos. I can do 2 of the decent combos on it but I need to work in more of the EX and better combos still.

I don’t take offense at all to that by the way I have never had anyone talk to me about doing specific combos so thank you!

I don’t think I am actually doing extra inputs on the jump in combo but I might be. I’ll watch and see.


Have you tried cl mk xx l tatsu > cl hp xx ex tatsu? Or cl hp xx l tatsu > st lk xx tatsu? These are fairly simple links.

Linking cr hp after l tatsu is a 1 frame link and is tricky at first. Note that you cannot link st hp after a st hp xx tatsu (except in some rare examples), so if that’s what you’ve been trying then that’s why you can’t link.

A good timing aid is listening to sak as she performs the tatsu - I generally find that if you take her finishing saying “shunpuu kyaku” as your cue to hit the next button you will get the link. Note: I mean that literally, you need to respond to the actual audio, don’t try to anticipate it and press the button as she finishes.


Is this with Japanese audio or American because the length of the audio file is surely different?