More people on AE on the Xbox or the PS3?

Ive got a ps3, there are not to many Aus street fighters and the one’s there are pretty good and continually match up with me and continually stomp me. Thinking about defecting to xbox for street fighter purposes, nothing to spend my money on anyway.

I’m on the Major Nelson blog now and not seeing AE listed one of the most active… In an aggregate sense is there more people playing AE on Xbox on PS3? Not a console war, not which one you like better or where the standard of play is better but actual people. Off chance anyone has an idea about this please post I shall be grateful.

On nelsons blog that is on the PC.

Xbox is pretty active, however not sure about the exact amount but no trouble finding matches ever.

Charlie Murphy Says: Xbox be popping, PS3 be dropping.

Im on Live and theres always tons of people playing all the time. Cant comment on PSN.

I’m on PSN more, but XBL has way more representatives than PSN any day on most games. It’s almost like 4 times as many players on XBL Street Fighter and Call of Duty games which I play pretty much exclusively.

I got both versions and ps3 is a ghost town. Xbl has talented players and matches for days. I like both systems but I find the ps3 version to lag a lot more.

Having played on both systems I don’t see a huge difference in terms of lag…they both seem to be fine in connectivity. As for the community, I did notice that XBL has more players, but I never have trouble finding matches on PSN either.

I play on both all the time and it’s hard to say. I would say 360 has more well known players while ps3 has more ppl but it’s also hard to tell because I see more ppl in ranked on 360 and more ppl in endless battles on ps3. Nobody will ever know unless someone does some side by side 24 hour comparison stream on it without being a bias fanboy. And it’s really hard to find non-bias comparisons these days. Hell there’s already alot of fanboys on shoryuken.

Lol i have PS3 but ill b on xbox pretty soon. I played AE on 360 and i loved it. So…maybe PS3 do be dropping

Live. I have PSN and wish I had a 360 mainly because of the SSFIV community. However, I don’t feel like buying a console just to play one game.

Why no love for PC? :frowning:

This is disappointing to read because I’ve been planning on switching to PS3. My 360’s disc tray didn’t open for a day and my birthdays coming up so I’m going to take whatever money I get and buy a PS3. I’ll be bummed to find the PSN is low population and especially shitty connection

Get ready to be disappiointed.

Lol it may not be as bad as you expect however I have good experiences on the network. Even searching for super is even fine as of right now. I dont haave AE but I have still been logging on for super and its quite active surprisingly

I actually listened to that for 10 hours straight. :slight_smile:

Lol yeah I play it usually when im playing AE. Makes me so calm

Seems xbox has more people in terms of total number but hard to tell if the difference is enough to buy a console for.

It’s ironic, my ps3 broke because I left it on too long downloading a game up to half a day or something then the time I played it. 360 again, it’s nice to know Dark Souls is also going 360.

Lol usually it’s always the other way with 360 being broke(the whole rrod thing) then someone either says there going to replace their 360 or switch to ps3.

You know, free online doesn’t beat the the speed of the 360. Downloads taking hours while it’s done in a matter of seconds or minutes on the 360. Though my 360 did break and had it replaced already some time ago.