More photoshop/gimp help


I want to order a custom dustwasher from Art but have no idea what to do with the template file. I have Gimp 2.6 & can open it up in there but then I get stuck. I’ve tried copy & paste but it didnt work. I totally suck with this program…


i recommend using the program. dl the psd plugin, it works just like photoshop (im told… never used photoshop before =P).

you can make layers and stuff and junk


forgot to mention that I suck at photoshop too…so much stuff going on in both programs, I have no idea where to start. gimme ms paint any day of the week…:sunglasses:


its pretty straight forward. the basic dealies are like ms paint; brush, circles, cut and paste, etc. but the more complex bits are taken from photoshop. its free so go fur it


i’ll give it a try, thanks for the tip


perfect! had no questions & i figured it out 1st try. I have a new program to use now, thanks!


you got it man. best part’s it’s free!