More photoshop help! (sfmc?)

sfmc, you seem to color in ps a lot so tips are appreciated

this is the first sketch i have done completely in ps. no underdrawing.
i don’t think it’s that great but for something i’ve never tried, it’s ok i think. pointers? anyone?

man that aint bad for no underdrawing. me personally have never colored anything on PS, i was told it was hard and very time consuming. i have one question though, did you have a picture or something, or did this come from your head?.. peace

came from the head

the trick to making a good photoshop painting is making it look natural and not so cg. the drawing in your sketch is soooo bad i can’t stop shivering everytime i look at it. i hope sfmc can help you better but he’d probably say the same thing.

Try and make your values fuse in better because some of the darks may be too harsh. As the figure and falls back the edges should be softer. So that would mean the face would be sharper than the rest of the body legs etc.

Also get some color going because all your colors look the same. Try warmer hands, feet, and the mid section across the face(cheeks, nose, ears). I’ll try to get a visual up. Pretty good for freestyle.

You supposed to warn about partial nudity

especially when there is little children in the room :smiley:

Coloring selectiong

How do you guys (SFMC) select your colors? and what color mode do you use? I normally use RGB and i just click on the color square at the bottom of the tool window on the left and manually select each color.

How do you, sfmc,(street fighter master of ceremony?) get all those values on your art, using the presure sensitiveness of your tablet?

Coloring selectiong

I use the hsb slider

hue- what color you want to select

saturation- how much saturation you want in your color you selected from the hue section.

Black- How much black you want in your hue selection

Hsb slider is hella easier for me.

As for value breakdown start it with 3 basic values like always. Dark, mid, and a light. Do not blend. I also start with a tonal bg. Hope this helps.

If any of you have aim I am sometimes on there and could show you what I am talking about.

Oh and sfmc doesn’t mean that d fist. It means Street fighter something something. I am not sure what the rest means lol.