More Playable Characters for Tekken Tag Tournament 2?


On Twitter, Harada said there would be more playable characters planning to be announced at E3 2012 we might get those characters as console exclusive on PS3 and 360. I’m excited for this game!

The Event Hubs showed this little Twitter message(s) on their website click on this link below:

You all probably know this news. So which character(s) do you all want to see on Tekken Tag Tournament 2?


Kunimitsu and Michelle definitely need to return.




We all know Kuro and Shiro are the extra editions.


Kunimitsu/Michelle…maybe even Miharu? ( With a different moveset )


Human Ogre might get in.


What would be interesting is if Shin Kamiya from the Tekken Hybrid movie gets in the roster. I doubt it. But, I look forward to seeing characters like Alex, Michelle, Kunimitsu make it on to the roster.


Everyone! Rumors revealed that Kunimitsu, Angel, and Ogre (original form before True Ogre) would be playable characters exclusively on consoles! The official artworks were shown on the Event Hubs website!

Click on this link:


it’s funny how this is being discussed in the thread above o_O

but seriously from 44 to 50+ there is obviously going to be more console characters…it’s a given.

3 were just leaked(not official announcements) so…that leaves about 3 more given they don’t go over 50 off the bat.

I believe Lee’s Violet persona won’t take a slot(that would be dumb) and would just be customization parts(like Jaycee to Julia). Combot i hope isn’t apart of the count either as he’ll be banded from competitive play.

here is my list going from highly possible to really unlikely…
1: Another Jack unit
2: Dr. B
3: Michelle(but really…Jaycee is so much cooler…but will give a excuse to use Julia’s old moveset)
4: Devil Ganryu(this is merely speculation based on vague and humorous tweets from Harada)
5: a legit random character that we wouldn’t expect
6: Old Heihachi(maybe customization parts
7: Alex(maybe customization parts or P2)


Combot already confirmed, Michelle/Alex/other returning characters from TTT1 make sense. I assume new characters will fill up the rest of the roster.


Michelle, Angel, Orge, Kuni confirmed!!! The article actually hints at more characters???




Michelle is much hotter than Julia, didn’t expect that.

Its like they took all the clone characters(well technically Julia is Michelle’s clone but still) and gave them somewhat unique moves.

I especially like Ogre and Kunimitsu.
Ogre is looking a bit chunky though.
I’m looking forward to getting my ass kicked by a dainty looking heavenly spirit that shoots lasers.


All we need now is a strategy guide w/ frame data in it for every playable character in the game.


Damn, who the hell else is there aside form Alex? And if Alex returns then holy shit my character roster is going to gigantinormous…

EDIT: Duh, Doctor B. He better be in.


Hope Forest Law and Gon makes a return.


Ogre is just…(wow!) 100% muscle mass _

They gave the moves Michelle and Julia share slightly different animations, she also has different variations of some moves.

Waiting on Miharuuuu


Well Gon is a Manga/Anime character so…good luck with that one…he has the same chance to come back as Lars P3 Costume…but honestly we got enough weird shit like animals, robots, angels and devils…so not having a little orange Dino mite be the one thing that doesn’t come back…maybe that and the Jack Family…


If Alex is in i’m going make it my missions to main him.

Seeing as how they replaced or tweaked the duplicate character’s moves I reeeaaally hope they make Alex more vicious and jabby than Roger Jr.


Hope to see Dr. B, Alex and Devil.