More Playable Characters for Tekken Tag Tournament 2?


It looks like they did that with a lot of stages. To quote your sig: “FUCK. YEAH.” :-p

EDIT: Oh damn… I didn’t realize they LITERALLY did that. :-o Well damn.


[LEFT][media=youtube]RxWeSxBvgA0[/media]-30 min TTT2 gameplay[/LEFT]
[LEFT]I also cant wait to play Kunimitsu again![/LEFT]


Angel Gameplay Video:



So, yeah, Angel confirmed to have a full-on Mishima EWGF and, maybe even more importantly, the TTT1 Devil/Angel Twin Pistons (instant, always launches, 13f startup, SAFE ON BLOCK).

I’d say this confirms she’ll be top tier with the other Mishimas, at the very least. Maybe even her own tier higher. That is seriously pretty sick.


Expect a big announcement from Filthy Rich at Evo Guys~


The latest trailer of TTT2 is giving me so much hype!


Forest Law and Miharu for TTT2?


Holy Shit, Forest Law!


Forest, Alex, P.Jack, and Tiger confirmed





Yep… That does it. I’ll be the first to get this game for sure! There is no telling how tourney’s will turn out! I’m SOOOOO excited!




News from Event Hubs website Gon will not be in TTT2 due to lack of fan requests.


I’ve heard that there’s still 4+ characters left to be revealed, I’m guessing Dr. B and a Playable Unknown will take up two spots. Miharu could possibly take up a third but I’m not sure who else they could add unless they go for completely new characters.


Perhaps Shin Kamiya from Tekken Hybrid/Blood Vengeance? Nah. I doubt it.


6 more characters revealed and they’re hidden in the game disc. Skinny Bob, Dr. Boskonovitch, Unknown, Violet, Miharu, and Sebastion. Could this be day 1 DLC characters or are they unlockable?
(Keep in mind Harada said the game’s Downloadable Contents are FREE)



Slim Bob?! instant-main.


Tekken Channel has uploaded trailers of Slim Bob, Dr. Boskonovitch, Unknown, Violet, Miharu, Sebastion and more playable stages on YouTube!


When will Michele Chang, Angel, Kunimitsu, and Ancient Ogre be released through DLC? I didn’t pre-ordered this game.


Slim Bob, Miharu, and Sebastion are released through free patch. Now 7 more to go.