More Prehacked PCBs

Only two pads left. I didn’t think they’d go so fast. I might have some more pads out later. Maybe. I’ll make a new thread if I do.

I’m making more, but I thought I’d get rid of what I have right now first. I’ll add QDs and ground wires FOR AMERICAN PARTS ONLY to any of these for an extra 6. The reason why I say that is because I’m out of .110 QDs :).

So here’s my stock: needless to say, they’re all prehacked.

1x Wii classics controller - 40 shipped

1x official DC PCB w/ shell - 10 shipped (take it off my hands!)

TOP LEFT third party PSX PCB
TOP RIGHT super smal PSX PCB


2x agetec DC PCB - 25 shipped each - SOLD BOTH

1x dual shock PSX PCB - 25 shipped - SOLD

1x super small PSX PCB w/ detacheable cord (about the size of a tic tac box) - 23 shipped - SOLD

1x third party PSX PCB - 20 shipped - SOLD

can i get the dual shock psx pcb i can mail cash tomorrow if u give me ur address


pm sent about the 2 agetec pcbs

pm sent.

agetec PCBs are sold out. Sorry brokenHalo.

DS PCB is gone too.

sale pending on WII PCB

you still got the DC PCB?

I have the official DC PCB left but no agetecs. It’d be perfect for marvel.

Can I see some pics of the one with the detachable cord?

yea i know, think u can pm or post me some pics :smile:

Okay, pics are posted.

holy damn peter that is a small ass pcb D: