More Proof The RIAA Is Evil

[FONT=Helvetica][COLOR=#ffffff]fair enough, after almost a lifetime, the music copyrights go back to the artists…but now almost 35 years later, the RIAA doesn’t like that rule anymore:[/COLOR][/FONT]

Like we needed more proof. Fuck those guys.


If you sign anything that lets others have rights to your work don’t be surprised when exactly that happens.

/Herp derp thread.

^^Thing is though, at least back in the day, if you didn’t sign one of those agreements, you didn’t have a music career. Major labels were the ONLY game in town. It’s not like it is now where you don’t need one to succeed.

Yep, now you only need to look like a lesbian and sing like a castrati. Too bad that’s harder to come by than a record label.

fuck the RIAA their business model is shit, and instead of coming up with a better business model that accounts for the internets instead of trying to fight it, their solutions involve crap like this and suing 90 year old grandmothers for millions of dollars.

I dont understand why the musicians don’t just tell the RIAA to fuck off, and do their own thing

The artists have nothing to do with the RIAA. The RIAA is a trust consisting of the corporations that sign and produce artists. If what you’re asking is why don’t they stop dealing with the corporations you’re essentially saying, “Hey. Why don’t the artists record, produce, distribute, and market their own shit?”

Artists obviously are tied in with them, if the RIAA is saying to hell with the copyright laws created to protect their interests, we own their material forever

lol has nobody noticed that orochizoolander seems to have entirely missed the point?Signing something that lets others have rights and signing something that lets others have rights and then they have to relinquish them are pretty different things.

I can kinda see why they’re pushing for this though. Lotta huge bands in the 70’s like Aerosmith, Stones, KISS, etc getting their song rights back means that’s less profit music companies can take in. Since they wouldn’t own the rights anymore, that would mean they couldn’t issue CD’s/mp3’s of popular songs unless they had the band’s permission, and I’m pretty sure a lotta bands would want to screw over the companies in terms of profits.

If Michael were still living today, regaining control of Thriller might have seriously helped his financial situation, at least, for a little bit.

Can you really blame the artists for wanting to fuck over the record labels? It’s not like the record companies haven’t pushed artists’ shit in financially for decades now.

Then they should have brought this up 35 years ago, rather than waitin until the very end and saying " oh NOW we don’t like this deal"

What do u think the RIAA would say if an artist tried to change their contract after it was already signed?

All I’m saying is that the economy is bad enough as it is. Last thing we need right now is another industry going under.

Honestly, these days, it seems like America’s only viable export is entertainment.

I don’t know, but this will make for an interesting court case.

There is NO REASON for an artist in 2011, that isn’t trying to get fucked in the ass contractually, to sign with a major label. None! Keep your masters/rights. I feel sorry for those from the previous generations that aren’t seeing anything from their own works while the record companies execs are getting fat.

I wonder when the RIAA top brass will realize that consumers don’t like buying products from organizations they view to be evil.

Fuck em, let em fail. We’ve bent the rules for enough turd companies. Plus that vacuum would be instantly flooded by a bunch of smaller scale distributors/labels.

exactly. The whole point of America’s economy is that somebody can always do it better/cheaper, and you CAN fail. RIAA is a stupid organization, like fucking temp agencies. You got tons of people doing the REAL work, but all the money goes to a small handful of people who claim they’re a necessary evil. If Rebecca Black can get millions of views over youtube, I’m sure new artists can do the same thing, and have people going to iTunes to snag their songs, rather than stupidity like multi-album contracts that force artists to rush their creativity.

Im surprised they let people sing on Youtube… COPYRIGHTs BRO!

meh. these guys again? Go away riaa.