More ps practice

comments? suggestion?

Looks good man. Brush work is nice. My main concern is your lighting and your structure. Looks like it is coming from the bottom and top. Usually pick a main and secondary lighting if you are going after a double lightsource. Right now both look like they compete against each other.

As for structure this is very crucial. make or break your picture. Let’s take Shinkiro for instance. Blends alot but knows when to stop. A very smart artist that knows his/her structure, and never overdoes anything. Sorry I don’t know if Shinkiro is a man or a woman.

The bg is way too distracting. Looks cut out so try to throw all the main colors you used so far into the bg. I see red, peach, and a purple so i mixed them into the bg for a less “cutout” feeling. More fusable that way and gives it better unity. Overall you have the fundamentals of a good artist. keep it up.