More Questions!

Hello this is my second series of questions after playing this game (AE) for now about two weeks. I learned how to play ryu and have played around 130 games with him having no prior fighting game experiance… I’ll admit it was incredibly rough and still is with my win rate being in the 20% (only comparable to when i first learned starcraft) and that fists have been thrown against various household equipment. Anyway i like Ryu, but i want to try other characters as well as street fighter 3rd strike. I’ve always liked older games more because of faster pace and higher skill cap and now that the online version of supposedly the best fighting game of all time is out im inclined to try it. Anyway I am interested in the twins and i am now conteplating whether trying to play yun or yang. Yun is from what i know the best character in both AE and third strike and is also much more popular than yang and me being the hipster that i am knowing this is favoring yang. My question is how are they different and why is Yun a higher tier character than Yang? My other question is what guides should i look at and what process should i go through to learn third strikes (especially involving parrys)! TY

Oh and i forgot is there anything like plinking in third strike?