More respect for combo-able players?*SF series games*

In my book I tend to respect these players more than one that has say…good execution/tming with single moves.

Basically I seem to be unable to do more than a 3 hitter but I got good reaction. If you’ve played me on zbattle you’ve probably noticed that I’ve never done more than a 3 hitter.

Alpha 3 is the same thing…if I get a 4 hittier I’ll be lucky.

What say you? timing>combo skill?

I respect players who can win. The more wins, and the cleaner the wins, the better. If you can do fucking shit-ass combos up the butt, bully for you, but the object of the game isn’t to do big fucking shit-ass combos up the butt. The object of the game is to beat the other guy.

What ever makes you have an easier time winning my dude. Also depends on what character your using.

Combos and execution go hand in hand. But yeah, timing is everything. If your timing sucks, then you’re gonna miss a lot of free hits.

I prefer to go for both when I play. It’s always good to be versatile.

all of it is irrelevant if you dont win/

I would respect a player who could concistantly win versus multiple players. I also think execution is important… Take Marvel players for example, what they do with their fingers goes way beyond most if not all fighting games, and they play the game to top, top levels. A SFII player couldn’t jump straight into Marvel because basically, their execution would suck. Of course this can be reversed, however I think it would be a lot easier for any player to get into a game like SFII. So yeah, they’re both important…

Seems to me like the game would be more fun if I could do 7+ hits.

I beat oponents simply by punching in the right button and having good timing but get pissed off that I can’t do HK–>haduken->lvl 3 super haduken to safe my life…hell I can barely do cross HK–>HP–>fierce dragonpunch with ken in turbo.

Yeah I can probably beat your above average SF turbo player but I’m not satisfied with that.

Seems to me like learning combos is much harder than learning timing.

Combos are just an extension of timing. There aren’t a lot of games out there that utilize combos in which timing isn’t a factor. MK3 is one of the only ones I can think of.

Don’t get me wrong. I respect the hell out of a guy like James Chen, who is one of the legendary combo wizards and who has a remarkable talent for breaking a game’s engine down into an easily understandable writeup. But in my opinion, that’s a completely different skill set than the kind that actually helps you win games. Yeah, knowing how to do giant shit-ass combos does help when you’re punishing mistakes, but just knowing the giant shit-ass combos isn’t enough.

what crazy ass game can you do this combo in?

I forgot to add crouching MK ot standing HP


I agree with what you’re saying, but I bet it’s harder to do a 5 hitter into a super combo than doing jump–>heavy kick as anti air.

I’ve never been to a tournement but I’d bet that the player that manages to win with combos will probably get more attention than the one that was flawless execution.

what your talking about isn’t really a player skill, it’s part of the game engine. The player should just choose what’s best for them. Whether the players are able to choose combo heavy chars, other types of chars, or both, is up to the people making the game.

Combos are also a bit general, last years genei-jin happy combos weren’t as exciting, but seeing duc pushblock super was exciting. There are a lot more factors that go into excitement than “is this person using combos”.

whether I punish your blocked uppercut with sweep, low fierce, down forward down strong, grab or flip kick flip kick it doesn’t matter. as long as i keep punishing your uppercuts, you’re still a dead man.

depending on the game and team/characters you’re playing combos may play little to no impact on the game. In cvs especially, it’s better to go for a knockdown sweep punish instead of a slightly more damaging combo.

if you punish every jump your opponent does with a dragon punch, you’re gonna win a lot more games than if you can combo short short shinkuu hadouken.

CvS2 eo w/ p-groove, or even non eo with an ex groove. There are probably other games too, but they aren’t crazy ass games.~

Respect the player that can win more. As someone already said, the game is about depleting your opponents health bar, not making big numbers appear below your portrait. The combos help win, but they are useless if you can’t land them, and they aren’t enough if you don’t have a good game plan. Theres a different kind of respect to give to people who can consistently land big combos. Its like the difference between someone who is good at mvc2 and someone who is good at ST, two completely different fields.

i think execution and mind games are more important than longer combos because if you don’t have execution you can’t punish well, if you don’t have good mind games how can you punish, and when you punish you can do that insane combo you have been practicing :china:

Either way, whether putting up some pretty little combos or waiting for the right time to …say…EX Claw with Q, as long as you win it shouldn’t matter. I use more defense and timing since I’ve never bothered learning all the combos, but I respect people who have got their execution down to the point where they can throw out all these really nice combos or set-ups.

Win, and don’t worry about it.

I remember the first time I played someone in Melty Blood. He was out comboing me at every turn(Arucied/Ciel) until I swept him(as Kohaku) and comboed out of it. That slowed the match down to a crawl and threw his playstyle off enough to give me control of the match, despite him having better execution. Sometimes the best ways to win are the simplest ones.