More than 500 SDCC TE sticks made?

I want to get to the bottom of this. Why are so many pics coming out of Comic Con of people playing on the SDCC TE stick?

The link above is just one recent example I’ve seen. MadCatz claims a production run of only 500 sticks total on their site and Capcom mentioned in their blog post officially announcing the stick that there are only “500 of these sticks made in the world”. I think a little hyped marketing is going on here but would like to know if anybody attending SDCC has asked Capcom directly. Perhaps Capcom is repackaging ones played on the floor but that would be downright ghetto. If anybody reading this is attending SDCC and can get to the Capcom Booth. Try to get over to those TE’s and look underneath to see if there’s a numbered sticker on the bottom giving it’s place in the production line of 250 for it’s corresponding system.

wow if they really did make more than 500 im sure quite a few people would get pissed.

But its really not hard to mod a Te to look just like it tho, so lets hope thats what capcom did for the event. Especially since it wont be that hard to paint the case pure white and to just paint the bezel orange. The Art seems to be pretty easy to remake or at least make something pretty similiar to it.

prototypes and samples, I’m sure there are a few of those made first. these would not be part of the 500 production total I assume.

This is what I’m assuming is the case but Capcom’s statement of “there are only 500 of these sticks produced in the world” takes it a little far. Hype, hype, hype.

well if it is a proto type, can someone take a look at the washer since on the prototype pics in the capcom blog they had the really cool hadouken washer. And checking the bottom of the stick for the sticker would be a good idea too.

There’s precedent for this sort of thing in statues.

Statues are generally limited to 1500-2500 pieces. Outside of that general “limited run,” companies will often produce an even smaller exclusive run (generally 150 or less) of statues called Artist’s Proofs. In some less common cases, they will produce either color variants of said-statues or special editions with things like precious gems embedded in the base of the statue or as a piece of the statue figure itself. These variants do get priced anywhere from $20-$100 more than the regular editions frequently. It’s more common, though, that statue variants will be released for the same price but exclusively through webstores or at Cons.

Mark my words, MadCatz is going to produce more variant edition SF IV sticks after EVO and Comic-Con. They will look identical to the sticks sold at the cons and the only major difference will be that they don’t have the stickers signifying limited edition SDCC exclusives on the sticks and boxes.

The pent-up demand demonstrated on this site and the fact that at least two videogame vendors are negotiating for supplies of this stick means it’s not going to stay limited to 500 pieces.

Remember what happened to the “limited edition” of the original MadCatz brown cover Tournament Edition. That was supposed to be limited to 3,000 pieces, too!