Morgantown, WV - Save Point

Save Point | Facebook

There’s a new spot in Morgantown called Save Point that’s a gamer cafe. They have “Street Fighter Sundays” right now, but are interested in doing some tournaments. I haven’t been in yet, but will probably drop by this Sunday to rock out some SSFIV on the 92". Could be a sweet place for some fighting fans to get together and throw down.

Found out about this place last Friday, went to the tournament on Sunday for MvC3. Apprentally according to someone on their facebook their are meetups every friday. I can’t seem to find the group he mentioned. Does anyone on here a member of that group or go to the meetups?

I’ve been planning on going up to Save Point for a while now, but something always comes up. I’m down in Clarksburg. If a couple people want to go I would definitely head up there one evening.