Morri/Doom... Rocks?

Okay so I run Morrigan(Meter assist)/Doom(Missiles)/Nova(Cent. Rush) and it’s a really good team. Missiles works really nicely for Morrigan zoning and hit confirms. However, I have been having trouble against heavy rush down teams, particularly those that have a strong assist (e.g. Strange Bolts), which Morrigan cannot punish. It’s impossible to call missiles when I’m being barraged by attacks and the Nova assist is a decent get off me assist, but it’s not very reliable and is susceptible to happy birthdays.

I just want to know the properties of Doom’s rocks to see if it’s a good assist to run against these teams. Is there any invincibility to this assist? Do the rocks always come out if called? Is it similar to shopping cart in any way? I know I could just go ahead and try it out, but I figured it would be easier to ask players with a lot of rocks experience. Thanks

The only thing rocks is good at doing is protecting you during the early active frames. Before the rocks release it creates a wall or hit box in front and behind you which fucks up people trying to mix you up. Kinda like a GTFO. Though once the rocks release the rocks have very low durability and get destroyed by most projectiles and beams. Meaning it still won’t do much good overall.

You’re better off just switching to plasma beam against more rushdown heavy characters since it’s still quick enough and has durability to fight off a character like Magneto who will start shooting projectiles at you on top of the rushdown. Rocks is easily the worst of his 3 assists even though it’s not garbage. All assists always come out when called any way. Marvel 2 was the last game where an assist would not go into active frames if the point was hit during the start up of the assist. I guess that’s a balancing effect for no more invincible assists (other than Haggar which isn’t that great anymore and forces you to use a badly supported Haggar).

Otherwise you’ll just have to switch to rushing down yourself which Morrigan can do. Use L or M shadowblade to keep people away since it’s a 3 frame start up special with huge priority and can cancel into flight afterwards. Which allows you to call assist while being high in the air. You can also switch Nova on point who doesn’t require as much work to rushdown with.

If I were playing that team I would just use Nova on point and just be lame as fuck and mash on meter assist and missiles and then DHC into Morri when I’m full of speed tackle supers. XF3 Nova is better than XF3 Doom, but if Morri dies Doom+Nova assist sucks in the neutral and will force you to DHC against better teams.

Alright well I’ve played several matches with rocks and unfortunately you are correct. The rocks simply do not have a lot of priority and Doom can still get beat up pretty badly. It’s still a serviceable assist but I actually have just decided to play Doom on point on a lot of these rush down heavy matches and build meter with Morrigan assist and DHC into her. Plasma beam is not very good for Morrigan because she can’t really convert off of it unlike with missiles or even rocks, which are pretty good for hit confirms actually. I really like anchor Nova so I do prefer to keep him there, although against better teams, it is useful to DHC into Nova after Morri dies to have missiles for support as you suggested.

Thanks dude