Morrigan 3.0 lvl up video thread



In order to help the morrigan community level up their game i decided to make this thread…With videos and input, i hope this can help all of us see morrigan played @ the highest level…I urge all my morrigan beast out there to drop off some tech…!!!
First things first .DEFFENSE !!!


So I’ll be using this comment slot for links and various new videos I post. I’m committed to sharing what I know about my favorite fighting game character.

Link to my Morrigan Combo Playlist in Youtube -

Link to my Morrigan PSN Matches Playlist on Youtube -

Newest Videos


Hmmm. A lot of those don’t seem feasible to do in a match. I’d love to see some gameplay though, if you really can do those consistently online.


The ones labeled BnB, are my “go to” combos for online gameplay. I rarely drop them unless there’s significant lag. But yea, some of the fly combos can get a bit iffy online. I usually only try those if I’m feeling the swag.


Ah. I was going to say, the only one of those I would even bother trying to learn is the Vanilla bnb one, haha.


For sure. It’s a solid, simple, damage efficient combo. I’ll see if I can upload some online-capable combos next.


I think those combos are just fine, as long as you aren’t expecting to start them with Soul Fists every single time.




combos are cool , but the jewelz are in gameplay footage…so try n post both my dude as will i soon enough. SICK VIDZ THOUGH!!!


I agree. I feel like I need to flesh out her combo potential so I have something to work on when I play online. Otherwise I’m just playing vanilla again. But yea, I’ll definitely post some online matches soon.

@ Krusiv: Yea, the double soul fist lead-in is something I’d only for a combo clip. Highly impractical to try hit confirming off 2 soul fists in a match.


Soul spammage


Some Morrigan play in a salty money match in the UK


So I had an hour or so to kill yesterday, and I decided to jump online and record some matches. These are non-ranked, and it’s my first time playing online since the game came out, so the competition isn’t exactly fierce. I threw the best of the bunch together in a playlist.

Link to the playlist:


I love watching a good Morgan.


dope vidz …i like the way you move with her…


Noel Brown made me do the impossible; root for Dieminion.





I don’t have UMVC3 yet, but when I get it next week Morrigan going back in my main team. So I’ll drop off some tech in like 2 weeks probably.


Thanks. If you’ve ever played guilty gear, there’s a character named I-No who I’ve sorta fashioned my Morrigan after. They both have the same ground to air dash, and (IMO) both operate best off of each other’s canceled projectiles.